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TotalMed / Sacramento, CA

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About TotalMed

Whether you’re an ER travel nurse triaging a city’s most urgent health needs, a travel speech therapist helping stroke patients recover words, or a medical coder helping hospitals protect their revenue stream, you help make the world a better place.

That makes our job, by comparison, really simple: we take care of you so you can take care of patients.

Taking care of you means finding you the assignments that work best for you and your family. It means having your back if a hospital isn’t keeping its promises. It means answering your calls on holidays or late nights — not because we have a quota to fill but because we care about you.

We could tell you here about our cutting-edge technology, which helps pair you with jobs faster. We could talk about our pay rates, which we work hard to keep high. We could tell you about our benefits package, which we’re pretty proud of.

But, the TotalMed Difference isn’t about stats — it’s about heart. And what we’re even prouder of is the many nurses, therapists, coders, and other staff that consider us family.

Recent Reviews

Bernadette S. Registered Nurse 5.00

12 hours ago

About Danny Williams:

Danny is personable, easy to talk to and always follows up!
Highly Recommended

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Lezlee G. Registered Nurse 5.00

6 days ago

About Melyssa Raaff:

Melyssa is a great recruiter!! She goes above and beyond to help you! She has been the best recruiter I've had in my 2 years of travel. Love her!!❤️🥰
Highly Recommended

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Antonia P. Registered Nurse 5.00

1 week ago

About Ian Levy:

I've spoken to a few recruiters prior to Ian, and I always try to educate and learn new things on my journey. I will say if it were not for Ian, I probably would not be traveling. I've contemplated on traveling for years but never could do it. Ian has a way about him that makes people feel comfortable talking with him, he is trustworthy and he always has our back. He talks WITH you and listens with no judgement on the nurses. At times, he IS a friend, not pretnds to be. He has a knack of connecting with people in a familiar way, as if you have known him forever. If I have questions, even if I saw another agency listing, he answers with 100% transparency, and that means the world to anyone! Ian is down to earth, caring and so easy going which makes for a great repore! Most importantly, he always goes the extra mile to help out with any concerns I may have going into a new assignment, he is an extra "virtual guide" on day 1 of a new facility, he checks up on us, asks us about the process and makes sure we feel good about it, if there are any concerns he will address them all! I know nurses who have 3-4 recruiters, I think 1-2 is fine for various reasons, but to me, I think Ian is my forever recruiter 100% just as people have forever homes. It just feels right and comfortable. Thank you to Ian, not only am I truly blessed to have such a great recruiter but TotalMed is extremely lucky to have him! Recognize the talent he has!!
Highly Recommended

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Jenna K. Registered Nurse 5.00

1 week ago

About Zachary Barensfeld:

Zach always made sure to reach out to me whenever he was going to be out of town, or just to make sure I was happy in my contract! Very easy to work with.
Highly Recommended

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Christina T. Registered Nurse 5.00

3 weeks ago

About Sidney Rivera:

This is my sixth contract with Sidney - he is always responsive and reliable!
Highly Recommended

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