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About TotalMed

Whether you’re an ER travel nurse triaging a city’s most urgent health needs, a travel speech therapist helping stroke patients recover words, or a medical coder helping hospitals protect their revenue stream, you help make the world a better place.

That makes our job, by comparison, really simple: we take care of you so you can take care of patients.

Taking care of you means finding you the assignments that work best for you and your family. It means having your back if a hospital isn’t keeping its promises. It means answering your calls on holidays or late nights — not because we have a quota to fill but because we care about you.

We could tell you here about our cutting-edge technology, which helps pair you with jobs faster. We could talk about our pay rates, which we work hard to keep high. We could tell you about our benefits package, which we’re pretty proud of.

But, the TotalMed Difference isn’t about stats — it’s about heart. And what we’re even prouder of is the many nurses, therapists, coders, and other staff that consider us family.

Recent Reviews

Madeline M. Registered Nurse 5.00

1 hour ago

About Bryant Black:

He is attentive and considers what I want and fights for it!

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Laurie J. Technician 5.00

6 hours ago

About Tre Vannes:

People close to me have asked if I talk to my recruiter on a daily basis. I kind of chuckled and said absolutely not. Lol! When we're actively seeking out a new contract, negotiating a new contract and/or extension, then yes, we do talk more often until everything is worked out, the contract is signed, compliance items are completed and I've started my new contract. I feel the need to add as well; Tre is always open to listening to my concerns regarding all things to do with my contract and career. We've discussed goals, contracts I'd like to try, places I'd like to travel to for a contract, as well as some of my personal goals. I told him that he's stuck with me for the long! He ALWAYS has my back and is keeping my best interest in mind!
Highly Recommended

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Mi P. Registered Nurse 5.00

1 day ago

About Sandy Gaddy:

Sandy has stuck by me and has helped me every step of the way and made sure I had every question and concerns addressed because he understood that this particular assignment, currently would be the furthest “I’ve travel that I would be out of my comfort zone which was very and greatly appreciated!
Highly Recommended

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Joanna S. Registered Nurse 5.00

1 day ago

About Jonathan Reising:

Timely and knowledgeable
Highly Recommended

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Megan S. Registered Nurse 5.00

1 day ago

About Alexis Dunbar:

Alexis is consistently the best recruiter I have had in my 6 years of travel nursing! Her positive energy and dedication make her stand out, above and beyond anyone else. She is always very attentive to whatever concerns I have and addresses everything promptly. She is easy to get in touch with and checks in on me frequently to make sure everything is going smoothly. It is such a relief and a pleasure to have a recruiter that you trust, and truly feel has your best interests in mind. There is nothing more I could ask for in a recruiter!
Highly Recommended

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