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Natalie Forrest

Recruiter at MedUS Healthcare
4.97 (35 reviews)

97% of reviewers highly recommend Natalie.






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About Me

Healthcare Recruiter with MedUS Healthcare whose passion and unyielding dedication is to match qualified Healthcare Professionals to the travel assignments that best suit their vision and skill set!

Why I love recruiting...

I love recruiting because I genuinely love people!!! And it is nothing short of exhilarating linking people up with assignments! It is one of the best feelings when a traveler gets that interview, is given an offer, accepts it, and everything comes together. That makes me so happy:)!!

When I'm not working, I love to...

When I'm not working I like to try my hand at new recipes, play piano, read, spend time outdoors, and surround myself with family and friends:)

Company Website:

Phone: 513-274-9607


Recent Reviews

Haley S. | RN 5.0

Haley recommends Natalie to others  
7 months ago

Natalie has been amazing through my whole travel process. From the second I called her to talk about my options I could tell she understood what I was looking for and would get me where I wanted to be! She is always there for clients, working around the clock and is so sweet. Great to work with!

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Stephanie R. | RN 5.0

Stephanie recommends Natalie to others  
10 months ago

Natalie is the most caring, passionate, relatable, and overall supportive person I have ever talked to. I have never met her in person but I truly feel like we have built a relationship on both a professional and personal level. She has gone above and beyond to accommodate my needs, and has listened, advised, and helped me in more ways than just nursing. I could not have asked for a better person to be my recruiter.

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Amy R. | RN 5.0

Amy recommends Natalie to others  
11 months ago

Natalie and I just started working together this month. In these weeks she has been attentive, kind hearted and professional. She went above and beyond by looking deeper into my skill sets that would appear on Prophecy testing. She reviewed my formal resume, spent the time learning about my attributes and appreciated what I’d bring to a hospital. She used that information to place me into the most perfect position for my next assignment. Natalie is doing the job that we as your Nurses care about most, place us wisely and thoughtfully.

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Tara M. | Registered Nurse 5.0

Tara recommends Natalie to others  
11 months ago

Natalie has been awesome to work with! She is prompt! Cheerful! I love her weekly “Happy Monday” texts! We’ve had general conversations about life/family and just last week I sent her a text message thanking her for being such a bright light and that I loved her positivity! She has even prayed for my family. ❤️ She is a wonderful resource and I’m happy to be working with her!

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Chelsey J. | RN 5.0

Chelsey recommends Natalie to others  
5 days ago

I absolutely LOVE Natalie. She not only handles her job VERY well. She is such a sweet and caring person. I am so thankful that Natalie was placed in my path! She is just so wonderful 💕

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Victoria G. | RN 5.0

Victoria recommends Natalie to others  
2 months ago

Natalie is awesome, very personable and treats you like a person! I quite enjoy her being my recruiter!

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Hileigh R. | RN 5.0

Hileigh recommends Natalie to others  
2 months ago

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