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MedUS Healthcare

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MedUS Healthcare, formerly Axis Providers, is a Joint Commission certified staffing company that specializes in the recruitment, placement, and partnership of travel nurses and other healthcare professionals nationwide. We pride ourselves on tailoring our high-paying travel assignments to the skillset of our caregivers.

We are affiliated with the best facilities across the US, managed and operated by industry-rich professionals, and driven to deliver the BEST travel experience to the BEST healthcare professionals in the industry!

We at MedUS Healthcare are excited to be a part of your travel journey and are dedicated to providing high pay, excellent benefits, and the ultimate travel experience!

Better People; Better Outcomes. We Make It Happen!

Recent Reviews

Maren M. | RN 5.0

4 months ago

Great, easy experience!

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Amy R. | RN 5.0

Amy recommends Natalie to others  
7 months ago

Natalie and I just started working together this month. In these weeks she has been attentive, kind hearted and professional. She went above and beyond by looking deeper into my skill sets that would appear on Prophecy testing. She reviewed my formal resume, spent the time learning about my attributes and appreciated what I’d bring to a hospital. She used that information to place me into the most perfect position for my next assignment. Natalie is doing the job that we as your Nurses care about most, place us wisely and thoughtfully.

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Tara M. | Registered Nurse 5.0

Tara recommends Natalie to others  
7 months ago

Natalie has been awesome to work with! She is prompt! Cheerful! I love her weekly “Happy Monday” texts! We’ve had general conversations about life/family and just last week I sent her a text message thanking her for being such a bright light and that I loved her positivity! She has even prayed for my family. ❤️ She is a wonderful resource and I’m happy to be working with her!

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carrie g. | icu 5.0

carrie recommends Carrie to others  
7 months ago

I worked with Carrie as my recruiter years ago and when I decided to travel again she was the first person I contacted. She is always there for me when I need her. She responds quickly and is always helpful. Being a night shift nurse it can be hard to find someone willing to be around on my schedule but she is always there for me. She has great knowledge and experience in this field. I trust her more than anyone.

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Cynthia K. | RN 5.0

Cynthia recommends Natalie to others  
9 months ago

I absolutely love Natalie. She returns my calls in a timely manner, she is sensitive to my needs and listens to my concerns. I can say that I always feel better after talking to her. I would definitely recommend her and MedUs to anyone. I feel very fortunate that I can work for MedUs and represent this company.

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Kurt F. | RN 5.0

10 months ago

I found Ryan to be friendly, knowledgeable, has been very transparent with me. He has stayed on top of tasks and checks in with me frequently on personal level. Definitely looking forward to working with him in the future.

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Theodora M. | MRI Tech 5.0

1 year ago

This is not my first contract with Stacy I worked with her for a year and a half prior to the current contract that she recently found me. While working for her in the past and the present she has always been easily accessible during business hours and off business hours. She is always answers my questions and is very knowledgeable. She is a straight shooter, honest and fair. I love working for her even though I had been working with a different company for a while I always knew that if the opportunity presented itself I would have no problem working for her again. Stacy always kept in contact with me during the time I was with a different company. At this particular time the jobs are not as plentiful as they have been, but Stacy came through for me and I am very grateful.

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Rob S. | Medical Surgical/ Telemetry 5.0

1 year ago

Ryan is my guy! In the 5 years I’ve been traveling, Ryan has been the most professional and attentive recruiter I’ve experienced so far. He calls to check up on me weekly, he’s professional, reliable, accurate, and has an amazing personality. I know he has my back. An excellent recruiter in my book. Cheers Ryan!!

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Bert G. | RN CVICU 5.0

Bert recommends Candice to others  
8 months ago

Candice was very responsive and was able to secure the contract I was looking for very quickly. As I was in Ohio at the time, she was kind enough to meet with me in person and introduce herself personally and the process of reaching out to her and securing my contract has been fluid and very seamless. I would recommend anybody to Candice if they're looking for a travel contract!

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Aleksandra W. | MRI Tech 5.0

1 year ago

Stacy’s the most efficient recruiter I’ve ever worked with.. she responds promptly to questions and requests and does it all with a personal touch. I have to this day not found another recruiter I’d rather work with. I hope to work with her for years to come! It is always a smooth and refreshingly transparent process when dealing with her because she knows what she’s doing and caters to individual personalities and needs. I haven’t been to a job yet that was a poor fit for me! I appreciate when things run smoothly and I feel like I’m in good hands. Thank you Stacy!

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Sara P. | Surgical Technologist 5.0

1 year ago

I’ve been traveling for almost 5 years. First 2 years worked with 2 other companies, and for Stacy the last 2.5 year. I have no intention or desire to work for another company or recruiter. She is the best in the business! Thank you Stacy and Med US Healthcare for always finding exactly what I want in a contract!

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Baylee B. | EEG Tech 5.0

1 year ago

Alex helped me get placed with my first travel assignment ever. She made the process a breeze even though it was a lot to do in such a short amount of time. She is a fantastic recruiter and does her job well.

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Valerie P. | RN - Telemetry 5.0

Valerie recommends Candice to others  
5 days ago

Candice took the time to walk me through the process. Wax very kind and knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone

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rob s. | Candidate 5.0

rob recommends Carrie to others  
2 weeks ago

She was highly responsive, which I love. She got through all the steps very timely and we were able to line up applications along my needs very quickly. You guys have a strong asset with her and should give her a raise!

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Angela G. | Surg Tech 5.0

Angela recommends Bethany to others  
2 weeks ago

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Svetlana P. | RN 5.0

Svetlana recommends Natalie to others  
4 weeks ago

So helpful, kind and upbeat! Great to work with!

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Madija S. | RN 5.0

Madija recommends Carrie to others  
1 month ago

Carrie is an excellent recruiter and took the time to get to know me and my job needs. She responds to questions in a timely manner and ensures I have all proper information. I am so thankful to work with Carrie in my travel nurse career!

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Kurt F. | RN 4.6

1 month ago

Conner has been helpful with my transition from another recruiter. Offers helpful insight with the ongoing fluctuations of the job market. Would recommend

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Tatyana B. | RN - Medical Surgical 5.0

Tatyana recommends Candice to others  
1 month ago

Candice is an amazing recruiter. Once I contacted her she replied very quickly, was very polite and genuine, & seemed enthusiastic about getting me on my way to my next assignment. She has been helping in every way she can and has even took the extra step to make things easier for me. Overall a great recruiter and I look forward to working with her throughout my whole duration as a travel nurse!

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Ashley N. | CST 5.0

Ashley recommends Candice to others  
1 month ago

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Kimberly R. | RN 5.0

Kimberly recommends Bethany to others  
1 month ago

Bethany always keeps in contact with me. Bethany is looking for jobs for me, and she keeps me posted about any job that Would work for me

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Debra M. | Director of Nursing 5.0

Debra recommends Abby to others  
1 month ago

Abby is interested and understanding of my goals for a contract and we communicate very well. She is very quick in response time and finds answers for my questions.

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