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Every member of the Benchmark IT team has spent their entire recruiting career exclusively in IT Staffing. All of us love technology, and some of us were developers ourselves. We know your previous experience doesn’t always dictate your future goals. That’s why we take the time to meet you first-hand for an in-depth conversation about your past experience and current ambitions. Our goal is to find you the right position--- one that leverages your past experience and provides a solid platform for your life and career goals.

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Matthew B. | No job title 5.0

Matthew recommends Allison to others  
9 months ago

My experience with Allison was great. She easily guided me through the recruitment process and always answered my questions when I needed to speak with her. I appreciate the help that she's given me in my job search and the work she does is definitely one of the reasons why benchmarkIT is so highly thought of in the IT recruiting world.

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Chris K. | Director of Information Technology 5.0

Chris recommends John to others  
8 months ago

I had a great discussion with John. He explained the opportunity in great detail as well as what I can expect from the role. John understood what I'm looking for in my career. I would not only recommend John but I would work with him on the future.

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Chris S. | Web developer/IT support 5.0

Chris recommends James to others  
7 months ago

A lot of recruiters feel like they are just in it for the money James seemed to care both about the client and myself in making sure this was a good fit on both sides even though this position was what might be considered something that isn't right for just anyone.

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Naresh B. | Linux Admin and DevOps Engineer 5.0

Naresh recommends Mariah to others  
5 months ago

She is really excellent, As soon as I reached her in linked her, She quickly responded me and took my resume, after that with in one hour she reached me back and refereed one position and right immediately she scheduled an interview for me in next 24 hours, That was really amazing.

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John W. | Senior Business Analyst 5.0

John recommends Mariah to others  
5 months ago

Mariah is well organized and enjoys helping answer any questions. She is is efficient with answering all questions about the job, moving the interview process along, and sending followup invitations and instruction.

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Susan Z. | Senior Project Manager/Business Analyst 5.0

Susan recommends Samantha to others  
5 months ago

Samantha’s enthusiasm for her profession is infectious. Her ability to read potential clients, understand their needs and offer honest career advice/opportunities was incredible. She was well informed and made me immediately feel welcomed/ comfortable and trusting of her observations.

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DANIEL S. | Software Architect 5.0

DANIEL recommends John to others  
4 months ago

John is a very nice person to work with. He is approachable, treats his clients like people and takes the time to match the right person with the right job. John found me a job in the past and, at that job, I used his services to find a contractor who I was very happy with.

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Khoan T. | Desktop Support 5.0

Khoan recommends Vincent to others  
9 months ago

Vincent is an experience and excellent recruiter. I'm very please with his knowledge and helpful.

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NORMA H. | Certified Scrum Master 5.0

NORMA recommends Mariah to others  
8 months ago

Mariah has been very helpful in working with me throughout the entire process. She is always available if I have questions.

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Nicholas M. | Financial Planner/Counselor 5.0

Nicholas recommends Leah to others  
7 months ago

Leah was extremely professional and friendly. In our initial conversation you could tell she truly cared about hearing about my background and what I was looking for. Beyond that initial conversation she remained available and always responded in a timely manner. You could tell by just talking to her for a short period of time that she is passionate about what she does and is great at it. I would absolutely recommend Leah and would offer her a raise if I could!

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PAUL S. | Senior Project Manager 5.0

PAUL recommends Mariah to others  
6 months ago

It truly has been a pleasure to work with Mariah. I would highly recommend her to colleagues, coworkers, and friends.

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Jessica R. | Unit Assistant 5.0

Jessica recommends Sylvia to others  
4 months ago

Sylvia was an absolute pleasure to work with. She made me feel comfortable and prepared me for my interview.

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KRIS E. | No job title 5.0

KRIS recommends Samantha to others  
3 months ago

She has been the best recruiter I have worked with by far. From keeping in touch with me to updating me on information about the job. I feel very good about the job she has done so far.

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ROOHI M. | Agile Project Manager 5.0

ROOHI recommends Mariah to others  
1 month ago

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Samuel S. | C# .Net Developer 5.0

Samuel recommends James to others  
1 month ago

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Barry Y. | Senior Project Manager PMO/Quality Management/ Shared Services 5.0

Barry recommends Mariah to others  
1 month ago

She is everything you want in a recruiter. She is informative, follows through and a nice person to talk to. She returns calls and is very helpful.

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Bert M. | VBA Developer 5.0

Bert recommends James to others  
1 month ago

He's great. Always looking for opportunities for me.

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Brenda H. | Client Delivery Manager 5.0

Brenda recommends Samantha to others  
1 month ago

I haven't had the interview yet but the survey wouldn't let me skip those questions. Samatha has been great to work with so far.

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JEFFREY H. | Senior Project Manager 5.0

JEFFREY recommends Samantha to others  
1 month ago

I met with Samantha on Skype. Very professional and friendly.

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Alexander R. | Wintel/Datacenter Decommission Lead 5.0

Alexander recommends Mariah to others  
1 month ago

Mariah was always very professIonal and treated me innately caring manner. I appreciate all her efforts in finding me a job.

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Allan B. | Vice President Security Services 5.0

Allan recommends Mariah to others  
1 month ago

Mariah is very professional and stays in constant contact. We have a regular call and she is also very good at informing me of any additional information that may come up that I need to be aware of. Mariah also takes the time and interest to understand my current role and assignments and seeks my feedback.

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Vincent F. | Project Manager/QA Engineer 5.0

Vincent recommends Samantha to others  
2 months ago

Samantha consitently keeps me updated on the status of the position and works hard to meet my needs concerning the job.

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Viktoria K. | Staffing coordinator/Analyst 5.0

Viktoria recommends Samantha to others  
2 months ago

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