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Tony W. | Director 4.6

Tony recommends Arjun to others  
3 days ago

Arjun has been very honest in his feedback, and has been proactive in searching suitable opportunities for what is quite a specialist role

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Garry W. | Construction Health and Safety Manager 5.0

Garry recommends Arjun to others  
3 days ago

Understood my situation and needs. Knowledgable about my industry and hopefully will help to secure an interview followed by a position

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Aditya N. | Project Development & Technical Consultant 5.0

Aditya recommends Arjun to others  
5 days ago

excellent experience and best help with insight knowledge

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Karl S. | Training Manager 5.0

Karl recommends Arjun to others  
1 week ago

I cannot fault Arjun; he is a very professional, helpful and understanding guy. He showed a positive attitude throughout my recruitment process and couldn’t have been more friendly.

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Antonio recommends Arjun to others  
3 weeks ago

Outstanding fellow.

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Froilan V. | Plant Operator 4.0

Froilan recommends Arjun to others  
3 weeks ago

When I was made redundant on my last job, Arjun was helpful in finding me the job now. I just spoke to him about me losing the job and Arjun was quick to reassure me he will find me suitable employers. True to his word I got my interview done and now will start on my next job. -happy with Arjun P.

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Kevin C. | Shift Team Leader 4.6

Kevin recommends Arjun to others  
1 month ago

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Prabakaran T. | Senior Process Engineer/Consultant 5.0

Prabakaran recommends Arjun to others  
1 month ago

Arjun is very systematic, kind and helpful person. L

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Dorothee N. | HR Manager 5.0

Dorothee recommends Arjun to others  
2 months ago

Arjun is one of the most reliable recruiters I have worked with. He does what he says he will do - all the time. He has a pleasant and personable manner and never talks down at people. Arjun understands the pressures on both sides, the recruiting company's and the candidate's and always tries to "build a bridge". Arjun is an asset to Astute Technical Recruitment.

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Alexandra F. | Assistant Engineer 5.0

Alexandra recommends Arjun to others  
4 weeks ago

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