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Alison Oelfke

Recruiter at TotalMed
4.96 (38 reviews)

100% of reviewers highly recommend Alison.






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About Me

Recruiting since: 2019

Thank you for taking time to visit my profile and review me so that I can continue to grow!
I am a highly motivated recruiter/friend for Travel RNs, Surgical Techs and Sterile Processing Techs.
I'm a North Carolina native who was in the service industry for a decade before finding my calling as a Healthcare Recruiter/Nurse Advocate. I pride myself in having your back when it counts, and securing your next contract with minimal stress whenever possible.
Mother to an amazing 7 year old mini me, Rosaline, whose sass and strength makes the world go round. If I'm not responding to you, she's got my ear LOL

Why I love recruiting...

The high stress and ever-changing market is more than balanced out by the amazing, long term relationships I build with my caregivers. Even if you don't take an assignment with me, I'm here to help, it's what I do!

When I'm not working, I love to...

Of course spending time with my daughter, adventuring, or just enjoying peace and quiet on my couch.

Company Website:

Phone: 910-580-4866


Can I Help You?

Specialties I recruit for: Local and Travel Nursing

Roles I recruit for: RNs, Surgical Techs, Sterile Processors

Areas I recruit In: All 50 States: Coast to Coast and Border to Border. Even Hawaii and Alaska

Recent Reviews

Shannon L. | Registered Nurse 5.0

Shannon recommends Alison to others  
3 weeks ago

She’s awesome. I’ve connected with a few other travel RN agencies. The recruiter is what makes or breaks it for me. There are some sucky-ass recruiters out there!! Alison was attentive, supportive and always available to answer any questions I had. Explained the whole process up front, honest about everything. Made my 1st travel assignment a breeze—and believe me I was quite anxious about it and had lots of questions!! She is sincere and genuine—texted me “happy first day!” on my first day of my assignment—I couldn’t believe she remembered! Alison is awesome—I would highly recommend her as a recruiter. TotalMed has a gem.

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Katherine S. | Surgical Tech 5.0

Katherine recommends Alison to others  
1 month ago

Alison is AMAZING!! I've worked with many recruiters in the past and she's one of the best

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Melanie R. | Registered Nurse 5.0

Melanie recommends Alison to others  
1 month ago

She is very kind and communicates with me about anything I need, responds quickly. She also checks on me especially on my first day.

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Laura D. | Technician 4.2

Laura recommends Alison to others  
2 months ago

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Monica T. | Registered Nurse 5.0

Monica recommends Alison to others  
2 months ago

Alison is such a wonderful recruiter. She responds right away and took care of me throughout this process especially for being a first time traveler. She is transparent with everything and always make sure to find me an assignment that fits my preference. Talking to her doesnt feel like she’s a recruiter, I feel like I am talking to a friend who is supportive, and reminds me that everything will be okay with updates of course.

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Kristen C. | Registered Nurse 5.0

Kristen recommends Alison to others  
2 months ago

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Rocelia C. | Registered Nurse 5.0

Rocelia recommends Alison to others  
2 months ago

Alison is always prompt and super supportive. She even admits that she may not always have the answers but she is there to support needs, find out, and get back to me as soon as she can. I get the sense she prioritizes her travelers. She is a pleasure.

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Brittany A. | RN 5.0

Brittany recommends Alison to others  
2 months ago

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Gara K. | RN 5.0

Gara recommends Alison to others  
2 months ago

Alison has been great every step of the way so far. I am a newer nurse and this is also my first travel assignment. She has made this transition smooth to me!

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Amanda M. | RN 5.0

Amanda recommends Alison to others  
1 month ago

Alison has been very proactive with me and helping me through my current assignment and helping me try and secure my next assignment. She has been amazing

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