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About Me

Recruiting since: 2016

Sysazzle Birthdate: 07/05/2016

I am a post-graduate (HR-MBA) professional with multiple years of experience in US staffing industry. I begin my career in sourcing/ recruiting and gradually learned about full life recruitment, currently managing an account and a team of recruiters.
On the personal front, I am an otherworldly person that would inertly pass through life. My family, (a loving husband, a caring mother-in-law, my parents, a sibling and of course a handsome pet ‘dog’) is the nucleaus of my existence. I enjoy practicing yoga, going to the gym occasionally, and the most of all, I enjoy aerobics.

Why I love recruiting...

In recruitment, every single day is different, exciting, demanding and thrilling. We find people jobs, solve the staffing needs of companies. It makes an impact. It gives satisfaction, a happy client, a happy candidate and an impending reward for hard work. Not every single day offers something good but the days that do, make it worth being a recruiter.

When I'm not working, I love to...

I do a lot of stuff that I enjoy and that keeps me occupied. I enjoy cooking and culinary shows, playing with my dog, watching movies. I love traveling (mostly on our wheels), exploring new places, trying new food and taking home a souvenir.

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Phone: 301-979-9102


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Specialties I recruit for: aerospace and aviation Information Technology Food industry Medical Devices Entertainment Healthcare Federal

Roles I recruit for: HRIS system analyst Systems Engineering Mechanical Engineering Program Manager Warehouse Financial Analyst Senior Cybersecurity Vulnerability Proposal Manager, Business Analyst Project Manager Director of Contracts,

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Joel S. | Technician 2.2

2 days ago

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Susan Z. | Executive Assistant 4.6

Susan recommends Supriya to others  
1 week ago

Dear Supriya, It was a pleasure speaking with you today. I appreciate your understanding. I look forward to speaking with again. Kind regards, Susan Susan Zapata

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Anthony C. | Level III IT Analyst 5.0

Anthony recommends Supriya to others  
2 weeks ago

She was very sweet and pleasant to talk to, has a great personality, she took time to get to know me, I appreciate that. She was very professional! She is awesome!

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Joshua R. | Business Analyst 5.0

Joshua recommends Supriya to others  
1 month ago

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Robert L. | Director of Contracts 5.0

Robert recommends Supriya to others  
1 month ago

First Contact

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Hilario E. | Consultant 5.0

Hilario recommends Supriya to others  
2 months ago

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Jennifer G. | Broadcast Media Associate 3.2

Jennifer recommends Supriya to others  
1 month ago

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Terri C. | Contracts Manager 4.2

Terri recommends Supriya to others  
1 month ago

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Mariaysabelvaldivia V. | Unemployed 5.0

1 month ago

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James W. | Operations/Technical Support Manager  1.0

1 month ago

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