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Swoon is a career hub that’s unlike any other; a place where the focus is on the people first and the placement second. We live by our mantra “Listen. Place. Care.” To us, it is essential that we listen to our clients and candidates needs and put in the legwork to make sure that our placements are always a perfect match.

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Recent Reviews

Ivy H. | Finance Manager II 5.0

Ivy recommends Hannah to others  
1 month ago

Hannah is professional and personable. Easy to communicate and I got very good advice from her.

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GARRICK recommends Hannah to others  
1 month ago

Hanna as a professional who went out of her way to match my experience and educational background to a qualified position. She has given me almost 24 hour support and I am truly grateful that I had a chance to work with her.

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Edward C. | Account Coordinator 5.0

Edward recommends Hannah to others  
1 month ago

Hannah indeed helped me prepare for the interview and helped revise my letters to the hiring manager. It was fantastic that she reached out to me for this great opportunity and for that I am grateful no matter the outcome of the hiring managers decision. I would love to work Hannah again in the future.

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SAMANTHA H. | Talent Acquisition Coordinator 5.0

SAMANTHA recommends Alexis to others  
1 month ago

Alexis has been amazing. She’s the first recruiter I’ve worked with that has been so hands on throughout the entire process. She has helped me prepare and gives me great feedback. I’d love to use her for every job opportunity in the future.

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Janet F. | Inside Sales 5.0

Janet recommends Michael to others  
1 month ago

Michael is a very helpful and positive shining being via the phone and assisting me find and accept a Customer Service Position @ Bank Of West! Thank you so much for making it flow and a positive experience. I truly am hopeful my background will pass and be accepting the position to begin May 17 2021

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MEHEK N. | Workforce Development Associate 5.0

MEHEK recommends Hannah to others  
1 month ago

Give Hannah a raise and a promotion! She is the sweetest person to work with. Hannah did a great job with checking in with me throughout the hiring process and really listened to my needs and concerns. She is incredibly smart and good at what she does. She also just has a wonderful personality and is a pleasure to talk to. I enjoyed working with Hannah very much and hope to stay connected :)

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SPRING B. | Customer Service 5.0

1 month ago

Madonna has been awesome to work with from day one when she called me saying she had found my resume on indeed and thought I would be a good match for a certain job. She then gave me all the details and I agreed I thought I would be a perfect match. I had my pre interview to help me get prepared for my interview later the same day and it was a great help to me I felt the most prepared for an interview that I have been for a while. I thanked her for all her help and told her I was really excited for the interview. She asked if I could call right after and share the experience and so I did. I let her know that I thought it went great and that I felt I had a really good connection with the interviewer. She was happy for me and told me that she would get back with me Monday with hopes of an offer.

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JACOB L. | HC & Insurance Operations Senior Associate 5.0

JACOB recommends Alexis to others  
1 month ago

Alexis is amazing and made this entire process wonderfully easy. She made sure that I understood every step of the way and had no unanswered questions. Would fully recommend it to anyone.

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Bryant T. | QA Logistics Coordinator 5.0

Bryant recommends Laura to others  
2 months ago

Submitting another review as I'm further along the stages for interview with the role. Laura has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside with. I could not ask for anything more of her; in fact, she goes above and beyond to where I'm completely speechless. I'm on the final stage interview for a role that she assisted me with applying towards, and I am feeling super confident. Her interview preps have been extremely helpful, such as: giving insider knowledge of the company, tips on the role, popular questions asked, and many more! I have to say that Laura's performance has been breathtaking and I've referred her to a few others due to her professionalism and personability. She definitely makes me feel like my concerns are heard and that there are constant moving parts in the background. I have never felt stagnated with her. If I could choose to work with her again, I would do so in a heartbeat!

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Dina A. | Social Media Marketing Specialist 5.0

Dina recommends Hannah to others  
2 months ago

Hannah is very helpful in informing me and giving me the details about the job and the interviewing process. She gave me a lot of tips which I found useful.

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