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4.8 (579 reviews)

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Swoon is a career hub that’s unlike any other; a place where the focus is on the people first and the placement second. We live by our mantra “Listen. Place. Care.” To us, it is essential that we listen to our clients and candidates needs and put in the legwork to make sure that our placements are always a perfect match.

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Recent Reviews

Andrii S. | Head of international sales division / Logistics m 5.0

Andrii recommends Kaley to others  
2 days ago

Smooth and clear communication, professional approach, detailed consultations and following up in a timely manner.

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Ayanna M. | Executive Admin 5.0

Ayanna recommends Alyssa to others  
7 hours ago

She was great from beginning to the end of the hiring process.

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SARA M. | E-Commerce Program Manager 4.2

SARA recommends Jeremy to others  
3 days ago

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Kyoko N. | Localization Project Manager 4.8

Kyoko recommends Suneet to others  
3 days ago

She was very thorough, fun and friendly. Thank you!

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Adriana M. | Writer 4.2

Adriana recommends Alyssa to others  
4 days ago

Alyssa has been a great recruiter. She is the one who initially contacted me and made me aware of the opportunity for which I am now interviewing. I appreciate how consistent she has been throughout the hiring process - even when the position I applied for was put on hold, she kept me updated on its status and eventually helped me to schedule an interview once hiring started again. She prepared me for the interview beforehand and followed up with me afterwards. Overall, working with Alyssa has been a great experience!

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VRAJ P. | Product Manager/ Senior Business System Analyst 5.0

VRAJ recommends Alyssa to others  
4 days ago

Alyssa is Amazing. I was introduced to her by Tara. Alyssa is understanding my requirements so working with her is so easy.

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Haley J. | Customer Account Analyst 5.0

Haley recommends Hannah to others  
1 week ago

Hannah has a great personality. She's very professional and she was very helpful with preparing me for interviews ahead of time. Not only did she help prepare me, she also followed up immediately after. I love how involved she is in my job search.

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Jesse W. | HR Intern 4.6

Jesse recommends Billy to others  
2 days ago

I did not get an offer, but I was pleased with my experience with Billy. He stays in touch, and I think that is the biggest thing most job-seekers are looking for.

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Jim M. | Senior Copywriter @ Harte Hanks 4.6

Jim recommends Chase to others  
1 week ago

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KENNETH B. | Database Developer 5.0

KENNETH recommends Jaason to others  
1 week ago

Jaason has been very helpful and has kept the communication lines open very well. I appreciate how he has kept me updated on how thing have progressed.

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  • Staffing - Professional, Technical and Creative



300 S. Wacker
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