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Lisa Beebe

Recruiter at Loyal Source Government Services
4.87 (66 reviews)

98% of reviewers highly recommend Lisa.






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About Me

Why I love recruiting...

I love my job and I love who I have met along the way. I am very appreciative of all the Health Professionals I have had to opportunity to work with. I have made some lifelong friends along the way!

When I'm not working, I love to...

Spend time with my family & friends, hang out with my dogs, and get outside!

Company Website:

Phone: (407) 930-8558


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Recent Reviews

Kristin V. | License Type RN 5.0

Kristin recommends Lisa to others  
5 months ago

Sent my resume to Lisa and had a job offer within 12 hours. Love that she was very upfront about the pay package, and the application process was super easy. She is very quick to answer any texts and emails I send. Easiest recruiter I have ever worked with!

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Marion W. | No job title 5.0

Marion recommends Lisa to others  
6 months ago

Lisa is very knowledgeable and has been of great help as I get prepared to take an assignment with her company. I would recommend her, without hesitation, to my fellow colleagues. Thanks for all you for Lisa!!!

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Carolyn C. | Dedicated, compassionate RN 5.0

Carolyn recommends Lisa to others  
6 months ago

Lisa is a treasure. She responds to needs like a trusted friend. She is competent, caring, and sensitive to the individual goals of each employee. I am grateful to have found her. I truly can’t say enough. Her voice on the phone makes you smile. She is an amazing recruiter.

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Jessie C. | No job title 5.0

Jessie recommends Lisa to others  
8 months ago

Lisa is great. She listens to my concerns and guides me to the best outcome. She has been by my side the whole way with each new contract. She is a true professional and a very caring person.

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Alonna F. | No job title 5.0

Alonna recommends Lisa to others  
8 months ago

Lisa is an excellent recruiter. She is always available and takes very good care of her nurses. I would highly recommend her for any nurse contemplating travel nursing.

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Bryshlan P. | No job title 4.6

Bryshlan recommends Lisa to others  
2 days ago

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Heath P. | License Type RN 5.0

Heath recommends Lisa to others  
3 weeks ago

Lisa has continued to do a great job for me and ensures that I am taken care of. She stays on top of emails, texts, and all communication. She is the reason I have remained with loyal source.

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Rebecca L. | Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 5.0

Rebecca recommends Lisa to others  
1 month ago

She reached out and gave me information in a timely manner. All of my questions have been answered and she helped me through the process.

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Tashauna M. | No job title 5.0

Tashauna recommends Lisa to others  
1 month ago

Lisa was very communicative and responds quickly. Everything she mentioned was just the way things went. She’s great!

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Darren C. | No job title 4.8

Darren recommends Lisa to others  
1 month ago

Lisa was professional, efficient and easy to work with. She made the entire process smooth.

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Helen A. | No job title 5.0

Helen recommends Lisa to others  
1 month ago

A very intelligent recruiter that is not only interested in recruiting you but also your welfare. Detailed and oriented, well organized and professionally informed. She gave me full details and options and had a listening ear to concerns. She is the best recruiter I'd spoken to in my 11 years of nursing

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LeAnna R. | Nurse 5.0

LeAnna recommends Lisa to others  
2 months ago

Lisa was very informative and easy to communicate with. She answered all of my questions in a timely manner.

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Naomi A. | No job title 5.0

Naomi recommends Lisa to others  
2 months ago

Lisa has been a very great recruiter. She responds to calls/emails in a timely manner and she doesn't make you feel as if you're another number under her belt. She cares and that's what I want in a recruiter when looking for assignments.

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Tahira O. | No job title 5.0

Tahira recommends Lisa to others  
2 months ago

My experience with Lisa was very positive. She patiently answered all my questions and communicated clearly.

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Jennifer F. | No job title 5.0

Jennifer recommends Lisa to others  
2 months ago

I am on my 6th assignment with Lisa, I like to work and she was able to secure me multiple prn contracts in addition to the "full time" one, so I'm able to work as much or as little as I want!!!!!

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