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Carly Faren

Recruiter at Loyal Source Government Services
4.75 (165 reviews)

96% of reviewers highly recommend Carly.






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Roles I recruit for: Travel Nurses

Recent Reviews

Kelly J. | Candidate 5.0

Kelly recommends Carly to others  
4 months ago

Carly has worked just as hard for me on this contract as she did my first one with her. The attention to detail she puts forth to ensure the contract exactly matches the verbal arrangement agreed upon is fantastic! Highly recommend Carly as a top notch recruiter - especially for new travelers. She demonstrates a savvy understanding on how to come along side a new traveler and make the process painless!! For that reason I came back to Carly and Loyal Source. Looking forward to working with her and the company for many years to come!!

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Brittney R. | Candidate 5.0

Brittney recommends Carly to others  
1 year ago

Carly was great she was very informative and give plenty of information to me. She always answered every question and I would refer her to everyone.

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Eric N. | Registered Nurse (RN) 4.8

Eric recommends Carly to others  
1 year ago

Perhaps the hardest working recruiter I've worked with, super fast turn around and everything she said was on point

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Sheri D. | RN Charge Nurse 5.0

Sheri recommends Carly to others  
1 year ago

Carly has proven to be a very compassionate and caring recruiter who is very driven to help her clients find positions and keep them happy before and after their assignments. It’s true that I’ve just met Carly but I can tell this far she is a sharp shooter when it comes to her clients and honest to the core , which truthfully people can love or hate, but I for one appreciate hardcore honesty. After all, honesty has always been the best policy so why give anything but. Thank you πŸ™ for allowing me the opportunity to rate Miss Carly, I love her so far a hope that we have the beginnings of a long lasting friendship/partnership that will benefit the both of us πŸ’―, God bless

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Jennifer A. | CRT 5.0

Jennifer recommends Carly to others  
1 year ago

Carly has been great to work with. She understood my needs and went above and beyond to meet them. She is very pleasant to talk with. Carly always provided feedback in a timely manner and was very informative.

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Arlesia B. | Adjunct instructor 5.0

Arlesia recommends Carly to others  
1 year ago

Her response time was incredible. She made me feel understood. Almost like the job she was contacting me about was tailored just for me.

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Silvia C. | RN Staff Nurse 5.0

Silvia recommends Carly to others  
1 year ago

Carly was very professional, she thoroughly answered my questions. She's very knowledgeable and all her responses are very prompt. I appreciate her work ethic.

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Alison B. | LPN 5.0

Alison recommends Carly to others  
16 hours ago

I was very close to not considering the offer. But she continued to answer questions quickly and was available. Now I think it is the best job for me at this moment!

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Debra L. | Director of the Medical/Surgical unit for the last 5.0

Debra recommends Carly to others  
1 day ago

Carly has been absolutely amazing. I completed one contract with her and I am now in the process of pursuing a second. She has been there for me through every bump and hurdle. She has patiently listened to all of my craziness and helped me to remain calm and work through all the requirements and obligations of each facility. I appreciate her more than she knows and hope to continue this relationship for many jobs and contracts to come.

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Kendra P. | RN 5.0

Kendra recommends Carly to others  
1 week ago

Carly is a great recruiter/ I have been happy with this experience. Her responsiveness has been great and this continued after hire as well. She created a smooth transition into my current contract and I am grateful for her competence. This is my first travel position and overhearing the struggles of other team members I realize that I am so fortunate to have Carly as my recruiter. I have not had any of the struggles my coworkers have experienced. I highly recommend Carly if you are interested in a travel positions or looking for a great recruiter.

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Marjorie H. | Candidate 5.0

Marjorie recommends Carly to others  
2 weeks ago

Prompt responses

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TANZIA J. | Licensed Practical Nurse 4.0

TANZIA recommends Carly to others  
2 weeks ago

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Haley E. | Critical Care Nurse 5.0

Haley recommends Carly to others  
2 weeks ago

She has been incredibly responsive and friendly.

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LANETTE recommends Carly to others  
3 weeks ago

She was very clear on what was needed and what I would do. Send me a list of the wages and an email with pictures of what I should be looking for in my email to sign up for the paperwork for the job.

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Cindy B. | Candidate 1.8

2 weeks ago

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Kina Z. | RN Charge Nurse 4.0

Kina recommends Carly to others  
3 weeks ago

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Olivia Elizabeth R. | RN Telemetry/ Med/Surg 5.0

Olivia Elizabeth recommends Carly to others  
1 month ago

Carly is very knowledgeable, she did everything for me on Easter day....yes a Sunday/Holiday. She made the process very smooth and answering every question I had. I signed the work offer the very same day. Thank you Carly. 😊

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