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Stuart S. | No job title 5.0

Stuart recommends Dan to others  
8 months ago

Dan actually contacted me in the hope that I would be able to help him as a hiring manager. Unfortunately my company was going into administration at the time and redundancy was looming. Dan immediately changed tack and focussed his efforts on trying to help me find a new position. He understood my skills and background and started to use his network of existing contacts to find a fit. The organisation that he managed to get me a meeting with weren't even actively recruiting but were willing to see me based on Dan's recommendation. In a world where the recruitment industry is full of sausage machines churning out speculative CV's Dan and Astute are consummate proffessionals. It was clear to me that they have a true understanding of both candidate and client needs and expectations and put in the effort to meet both. Dan will remain a key contact and I hope to use his services again in the future as a client rather than a candidate.

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Christian M. | ENERGY CONSULTANT 5.0

Christian recommends Dan to others  
11 months ago

Dan was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the position and knew exactly the skill sets the client was looking for in a candidate. He provided me with in depth detail of the position and the expectations of the hiring manager. He was transparent about other candidates whom where submitted unsuccessfully and what the reasons were for them not being selected. Without Dan's guidance I would not have been as prepared as I was for the interview. I knew the demands of the role and the clients expectations of my experience which enabled me to talk about it's relevance to the position. Dan provided me with company links, brochures, and press releases which enabled me to do thorough research about the company and its projects prior to me interview. He went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations as a recruiter. I highly recommend Dan for any recruiting needs.

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Joseph J. | Duty Controller 5.0

Joseph recommends Dan to others  
3 weeks ago

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Tony W. | Design Manager 4.6

Tony recommends Dan to others  
1 month ago

Having at first being a little sceptical after being essentially 'cold-called' by Dan in relation to a potential opportunity, Dan very quickly gained my confidence with his honest, knowledgeable and punctual approach in persuading me that allowing him to submit my CV to his client for consideration, could potentially be very beneficial to me. Subsequently, after a short interview and some further negotiation which Dan executed in an extremely manner, I was offered a Managerial role with his Client. In the 25 years I have bene dealing with Recruitment organisations in both a contract and staff capacity, Dan is probably the most knowledgeable, honest and professional individual I have dealt with when considering a job move and he clearly understands that the role must be right for the employee as well as his client which, in my experience, is a trait lacking in many recruiters who's only goal is to place a candidate for the obvious financial benefit to themselves/their organisation. Dan has integrity and does exactly what he says he is going to do, when he says he is going to do it and I wouldn't hesitate to contact him again should I find myself looking for a role change at any point in the future. Great work Dan and thanks for all your help and support!

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Donald F. | Engineering Manager 5.0

1 month ago

Dan found me via social media and correctly worked out I would be a match to company A. That didn't work out but he found an even better match with company B which I have now joined. I may not have found either company on my own. His knowledge of both companies and the key contacts inside was exceptional. Professional manner at all times.

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