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Jim Erhard

Recruiter at TriCom Technical Services
4.78 (115 reviews)

90% of reviewers highly recommend Jim.






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About Me

Recruiting since: 1999

TriCom Technical Services Birthdate: 02/18/2019

When I am not in my recruiting chair, you can probably find me out on a baseball field coaching the KC Pirates or in a gym watching my daughter play volleyball. If it's not sports related, I will be at home spending time with my wife and kids.

Why I love recruiting...

Enjoy meeting new people and helping grow careers.

When I'm not working, I love to...

Watch movies with my family or spending time coaching baseball.

Company Website:

Phone: 913-742-7505


Can I Help You?

Specialties I recruit for: Anything IT related

Roles I recruit for: Anything related to IT

Areas I recruit In: Analyst, BA, Cloud, CRM, Data, DBA, DevOps, Network, PM, QA, Security, Software, Support and Systems

Recent Reviews

Astha S. | Senior Data Analyst 4.8

Astha recommends Jim to others  
11 months ago

Jim has been extremely helpful and supportive, always willing to talk through options and opportunities. It was clear that he sought my best interests and wanted to help as much as possible with the process to make it as painless as possible.

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Turon F. | Desktop Tech 5.0

Turon recommends Jim to others  
11 months ago

Jim has communicated effectively and swiftly throughout the whole process. Top tier service from start to finish.

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Roger D. | Director, Development and Wholesale Systems 5.0

Roger recommends Jim to others  
1 year ago

Jim's great. Excellent communication which is I think what sets him apart. He does what he says he's going to do when he says he's going to do it. Great Feedback, both positive and constructive, throughout the entire process.

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Yeong W. | System Engineer Sr. Advisor 5.0

Yeong recommends Jim to others  
1 year ago

Enthusiastic, understanding, and friendly professional. Completely different approaches to assist me to land to my ideal job. I appreciate his work.

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Susan C. | IT Senior Project Manager 5.0

Susan recommends Jim to others  
1 year ago

Transparency is a word that deserves a moment translates into timely accurate information. Jim was clear about open posituons, did a side by side compaisonn of the hiring company's requirements with my skillset and explained the placement process. I trust that I will get either a job or feedback to strengthen my next interview.

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Kathi B. | Analyst 5.0

Kathi recommends Jim to others  
2 days ago

I have known Jim for many years. He is someone that I greatly trust and you can tell is looking after your best interest. He has a great deal of knowledge in this industry and he also has a lot of great contacts he can refer you to. I have worked with Jim on several occasions now to help with my job search and he is always honest and works hard to get you what you are worth. He will also help boost your confidence when times are tough to make sure you do not settle for a job when he knows you are worth more. I highly recommend working with Jim and I am grateful for his help in finding me the right job for me and our family. Thanks Jim!

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Dinesh M. | IT Project Manager 5.0

Dinesh recommends Jim to others  
3 days ago

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Karen M. | Sr. IT Project Manager/Scrum Master 5.0

Karen recommends Jim to others  
2 days ago

Jim is a delight. He is responsive, communicates consistently, you are never left in the dark, he is personable and efficient A great Recruiter

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John P. | Global Corporate Communications and Public Relations Specialist 5.0

John recommends Jim to others  
1 week ago

He is a good communicator and answers questions well.

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Anusha P. | LEAD DevOps/AWS Architect 4.6

Anusha recommends Jim to others  
1 week ago

He is really good at all pieces of work he is doing.

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Joe F. | Azure SolutionTechnical Delivery Architect/ Manager 4.2

Joe recommends Jim to others  
1 week ago

Jim was exceptionally personable and too a little time to get to know me.

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Martin P. | Network Admin 3.8

Martin recommends Jim to others  
2 weeks ago

Good interviewer

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Justin A. | System Architect 5.0

Justin recommends Jim to others  
2 weeks ago

Jim is very professional and courteous. I needed a little more time and he was happy to give me the time I needed before proceeding further. I can tell he works hard to help his clients and recruits find the best match possible.

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Amrita P. | SENIOR STARLIMS Systems Analyst 5.0

Amrita recommends Jim to others  
1 month ago

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Bala P. | Sr. Business Systems Analyst 5.0

Bala recommends Jim to others  
1 month ago

JIm is extremely transparent about what he asks and says. Has Sound knowledge on Technologies and he's more of a practical person with great communication skills.

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