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Travel Nurses Inc. (an OR Nurses Nationwide Co.)

4.94 (228 reviews)

98% highly recommend Travel Nurses Inc. (an OR Nurses Nationwide Co.) recruiters


Company Overview

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Headquarters: Germantown, Tennessee



Nurses are the backbone of healthcare. And at Travel Nurses, Inc., nurses are the head and heart, as well. We are owned by OR Nurses Nationwide. Founded, owned and operated by nurses, we began our journey in 1988 staffing exclusively OR settings. Soon, we expanded to staffing all nurse specialties and allied professionals nationwide. America’s leading national rating agency has identified us as the No. 1 travel nurse provider.

Today, Travel Nurses Inc. provides complete services for total career mobility in nursing. We are completely transparent in all dealings and eliminate all financial uncertainty you might have accepting any assignment.

Recent Reviews

Kelley S. | RN 5.0

Kelley recommends Melissa to others  
7 months ago

Melissa was wonderful to work with! She listed to my needs and was very informative with information about travel assignments and the process. I especially liked that she was not pushy at all and was very factual and easy to talk to. She always responded quickly which was appreciated! I will recommend Melissa to other nurses.

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Bridget G. | RN 5.0

Bridget recommends Madison to others  
8 months ago

Madison was extremely receptive to my needs and requests. After a previously difficult situation with another recruiter, I vowed to never attempt trying to find another travel assignment, but Madison has restored my confidence. I believe that my experience with her is going to change my life. Thank you Madison!!

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Sean C. | RN 5.0

Sean recommends Madison to others  
10 months ago

Madison has been amazing, she is the best recruiter I ever had. You can tell she really cares about finding travelers the exact job they want. She sends texts almost every day during the job search to give you updates and let you know she is constantly looking for jobs that match what your looking for in a travel RN position. Any traveler would be lucky to have Madison as their recruiter.

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Christine C. | RN 5.0

Christine recommends Shane to others  
11 months ago

Shane has been One of the best recruiters I’ve worked with. He has a great personality and really cares for his nurses. I’ve always felt comfortable going onto my jobs feeling well prepared for what’s ahead. He’s always available and has my back when I need him.

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Stacey G. | RN 5.0

Stacey recommends Shane to others  
11 months ago

Shane has been very available and helpful along very step of the hiring process. This is my first assignment and he walked me through everything, explained my options and got me a job that fit my needs. I was working with another recruiter at another agency for longer who never found me a job and seemed to push his own agenda on me. Shane doesn't do that and I have, and will continue to recommended him to anyone showing an interest in travel nursing.

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Cliffie P. | RN 5.0

11 months ago

I have been with Tori as my recruiter for several years. Tori is always on top of her game, I always feel like I matter and that she has my best interest at heart. I appreciate Tori very much and I am blessed to have such a knowledgeable ,caring attentive recruiter, I have referred other nurses to Tori. I think Tori does a great job.

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Megan C. | RN 5.0

Megan recommends Shane to others  
11 months ago

Shane has been an exceptional recruiter from day one! Shane is honest, straight forward and loyal! That goes along way when you’re a traveling nurse. I would say in the last 9 months that I’ve worked with Shane, I’ve also gained a friendship. Shane is dedicated to placing me in a job that suits me best and always supports my choices!

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Elizabeth N. | RN 5.0

Elizabeth recommends Madison to others  
11 months ago

Madison is a wonderful recruiter, hard working and dedicated. She never had to asked to follow up for me she was already on it. I would follow her as my recruiter anywhere... she is an asset to your company and to travel nurses!!!

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Rhonda S. | RN 5.0

Rhonda recommends Shane to others  
11 months ago

Shane is absolutely awesome!! He is always there for me and truly makes me feel like I matter. He listens to me and always stands right by my side. Not only is here there for me professionally but he is there personally as well. He truly has a genuine heart. I recently had a fire at my house and Shane not only checked on me to make sure I was ok but he had a huge dinner delivered to me that lasted several days because he knew I couldn’t cook. I feel so blessed to know Shane and I am so thankful for all he does. He is a diamond in the rough. 😊

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Gabriel S. | RN 5.0

Gabriel recommends Shane to others  
11 months ago

My wants for a first contract were a little specific and Shane stepped up unlike any other recruiter I had spoke to and made it happen. He did not tell me it was unreasonable to look a little early or unrealistic to have my eyes set on one stop. I appreciate all the work he did and help when guiding me through my first contract!

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Tamela P. | RN 5.0

Tamela recommends Melissa to others  
11 months ago

She is great at establishing a relationship with you and getting to know you. She feels more like a friend which leads to assignments more tailored to your skills and personality.

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Carol A. | RN 5.0

Carol recommends Melissa to others  
11 months ago

Melissa is kind, knowledgeable and responsive to my needs and concerns. She’s thorough, keeps in touch and follows-up. When she doesn’t know an answer she immediately seeks out someone who does. I’ve worked with other recruiters but Melissa doesn’t drop the ball, she persists until she finds you the perfect assignment! I haven’t worked with anyone comparable to her. Shes like family and when I’m away from home on assignment, it’s important knowing I have a recruiter who cares!

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Vickie S. | RN 5.0

Vickie recommends Melissa to others  
11 months ago

Melissa is awesome!!!! I’m always amazed at how well she conducts business and the timeliness of her activities!!! I use the word “amazed” simply because of her age! I’ve encountered other recruiters and they may have had the years of experience but Melissa has the natural gift, which combined with her knowledge makes her the best of the best!!! Yes she is the GOAT!!! ( Greatest of All Time!!!

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Sandra R. | ER RN 5.0

Sandra recommends Alison to others  
1 month ago

Really enjoyed Alison and felt she was very helpful and attentive. Really hope to be with her in the next contract as we feel she is a great fit to our needs.

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Dustin F. | Rn 5.0

Dustin recommends Jessica to others  
1 month ago

Jessica is my favorite recruiter. She understands things from my perspective. She always is concerned about my happiness. I appreciate that she is very responsive when I need her, but she does not hasle me by checking in needlessly. Thank you for all you do Jessica!

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Britteny C. | Medsurg/Tele RN 5.0

4 weeks ago

From day one Alison has shown her willingness to get me the perfect contract. She has made herself available 24/7, kept me up to date with any slight change in my contract and been 100% transparent. I would definitely recommend and work with her again in the future. She is the epitome of a good recruiter!

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Julia S. | RN 5.0

Julia recommends Jessica to others  
1 month ago

Very helpful, easy to talk to, always answered my questions in a timely manner.

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Nancy W. | RN 5.0

Nancy recommends Kelsie to others  
1 month ago

I was referred by a friend to use Kelsie as my recruiter. I do not regret having Kelsie as my recruiter, she had my best interest at heart. She did find assignment for me within one week after I applied for a job. I recommend her as recruiter.

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Hanan M. | RN 5.0

Hanan recommends Jessica to others  
1 month ago

Jessica was always responsive to my needs, taking questions and giving guidance! She was knowledgeable and thorough! The best part? She is super friendly and leaves you feeling like you’re talking to a friend! I would highly recommend her!

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Lacey H. | ER RN 5.0

Lacey recommends Alison to others  
1 month ago

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Cassidy W. | ER RN 5.0

Cassidy recommends Alison to others  
1 month ago

She’s literally the best.

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Kimberly R. | CST 5.0

Kimberly recommends Melissa to others  
1 month ago

Melissa is wonderful......

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Randy T. | RN 5.0

Randy recommends Melissa to others  
1 month ago

Melissa is always willing and able to answer questions and to assist in getting acclimated to a new assignment. She even answers after hours when a concern comes up after 5 pm, etc. She is always friendly and personable and you can tell she genuinely cares about the employees and their wellbeing. Thank you for everything you do, Melissa.

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