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James Dwyer

Recruiter at Travel Nurse Across America
4.96 (40 reviews)

100% of reviewers highly recommend James.






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About Me

Recruiting since: 1985

Travel Nurse Across America Birthdate: 12/01/2014

I am a Certified Personnel Consultant and have recruited Healthcare Professionals for over 25 years, the last six years with TNAA!

Why I love recruiting...

Recruiting travel nurses let's me impact lives. I love hearing from my travelers that they have paid off student loans and hearing about their adventures in locations they might not have had the opportunity to visit if not for travel nursing.

When I'm not working, I love to...

I golf way too much and for the past 15 years I have volunteered with the current NC state high school football champions, Charlotte Catholic!

Company Website:

Phone: 501-604-4849


Can I Help You?

Specialties I recruit for: Healthcare

Roles I recruit for: Travel Nurses

Areas I recruit In: Nationwide

Recent Reviews

Kimberly P. | Travel Nurse 5.0

Kimberly recommends James to others  
5 days ago

James is a kind and knowledgeable recruiter. As a single, young, female, and 1st time traveler, he has made sure that we submit to places that are safe. He is very easy-going and makes the scary process, not so scary. I look forward to working with James for further assignment. James, you are a rockstar! :)

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Stephanie G. | Travel Nurse 5.0

Stephanie recommends James to others  
2 weeks ago

James is always pleasant to work with. He is knowledgeable and on top of everything. He truly guides you every step of the way.

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Tyler M. | Travel Nurse 5.0

Tyler recommends James to others  
1 month ago

James has always been honest and up front since day one. He has responded and helped in a very timely manner, and took extra time to make sure I understood everything that is going on and what to expect next with the job.

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Samantha C. | Travel Nurse 5.0

Samantha recommends James to others  
1 month ago

James has been amazing since our very first phone conversation. He was recommended to me after I had a bad experience with another recruiter. James is on the ball with everything and knows how to get things done. Had my first offer on my first travel position in a week. I will recommend him to everyone!

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Natalie S. | Travel Nurse 5.0

Natalie recommends James to others  
2 months ago

I hope James is my Recruiter until I retire from the travel nurse lifestyle (which will be never) I cant even to begin to say enough nice things about him. He has made getting to this travel assignment 50 times easier and better. It's not easy traveling coast to coast alone on your first assignment, but James helped me not feel alone and supported me in every way. From his funny stories that cheered me up on a bad day to all the advice he's given me; Even after hours. I mean who wants to work after you clock out? not me! From Day 1, he called me right after I put in my application and something about his tone of voice made me feel comfortable and told me I could trust him. I signed up for four agencies to start with and James is the main reason I decided to go with TNAA. When you have a gut feeling about something, you follow it and I'm so happy that I did. Two things that stuck out that he's helped me with the most was going over in depth with me about my travel contract, explaining every detail to make sure that I understood everything. Second, I had issues with how I was going to get my car out to the other side of the country without ripping all the money out my wallet and his response was "I'm going to help you find options, this is your first assignment I want everything to go as smooth as possible" I have asked him 1000 and 1 questions and he's answered ALL of them. I was annoying, confused and nervous but because of him I'm more than confident in my first assignment. I lucked out on having James as my recruiter, don't be jealous. You can too!

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Trish C. | Travel Nurse 5.0

Trish recommends James to others  
3 weeks ago

James is an excellent recruiter. He is very thoughtful and always available to his nurses. I always recommend that anyone considering a career in travel nursing talk to him. He’s the absolute best!

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Taylor L. | Travel Nurse 5.0

Taylor recommends James to others  
3 weeks ago

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