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Technical Connections, Inc. (TCI) is the premier recruiting firm specializing exclusively in technology professionals. We offer a full range of services, including retained search, contingency placement, and short- and long-term consulting.

Founded in 1984 by Helen MacKinnon, an executive with extensive technical and managerial experience in the computer industry, TCI initially focused on serving clients in Southern California within the software development field. Today, under the leadership of our CEO, Scott MacKinnon, we work with companies in a variety of industries across the U.S., from start-ups to international corporations.

Unlike many staffing agencies, TCI has always specialized in tech. TCI’s recruiters do not consider themselves “headhunters,” but rather professional consultants with the interpersonal skills, technology and business expertise, and market knowledge to offer candidates and clients a rare level of strategic counsel.

Technical Connections is 100% employee owned. We believe that when all employees have an ownership stake in their company, it is reflected in the quality of their work and therefore in the long-term success of the firm. Our employees have an ownership interest in the firm through the Technical Connections Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). TCI contributes annually to a trust account for the benefit of the employees.

Let our team show you what we’re capable of – you won’t be disappointed.

Recent Reviews


Ahmed recommends Jen to others  
1 week ago

Jennifer was very helpful throughout the recruitment process. Jennifer was there for me whenever I had a question and she made sure I had all the resources I needed for the interview. With her assistance I landed the job!

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John H. | Frontend Developer 4.8

John recommends Scott to others  
1 month ago

Before I switched to tech, I was an attorney for 10 years. Both industries are saturated with recruiters, so I have seen my fair share. Scott is the best I have come across so far. Anyone can slap on a suit and call themselves a recruiter. I cannot think of any industry with a lower barrier to entry. 99% of these guys are pitching consultancy gigs or contract work for the finance and e-commerce sectors. It's hard to find one who can actually put you up for a full-time position with a real tech company. Scott can do that. He has a knack for professionalism and presentation, watches what he says, and articulates well. That's the person you want dropping your resume on an employer's desk. And that's probably why the organization I just interviewed with is a step up from where I'm coming from. If you need more convincing, take a look at the guy's LinkedIn. His recruiting days predate the Great Recession. I graduated from law school in 2009, and after about 300 carefully targeted resumes I finally got a job paying half what new patent attorneys made in ordinary times. But if us lawyers had it bad, for recruiters it was the apocalypse. Only the best of them made it through that particular stretch of time in one piece. The rest just sort of faded out of existence.

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Darren P. | Learning & Development Associate 5.0

Darren recommends Barbara to others  
1 month ago

Barbara was great. As part of my second interview I had to do a mock training. She offered to help me prepare and it was a huge benefit. She always followed up, provided key insights, and was with me every step of the way. I would highly recommend her and user her again in the future. Every recruiter should be like Barbara.

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Gepff O. | Cloud Architect 5.0

Gepff recommends Scott to others  
1 month ago

Scott understands the needs of the client and the person placed forward! He takes the time to ask probing questions to ensure a good match on both sides!

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Ken L. | Senior UX Designer 5.0

Ken recommends Scott to others  
1 month ago

Scott has been the most diligent and responsive person in the recruiting space I have met. He always gave great advice to set me up for success.

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Dustin B. | VP of IT 5.0

Dustin recommends Scott to others  
1 month ago

Very attentive, knowledgeable, understanding, and goes above and beyond to help guide me through this process. He has given me helpful insight and makes me feel more at ease during my search. Great rapport.

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Amy W. | Project/Product Manager- Salesforce 5.0

Amy recommends Lynn to others  
2 months ago

Lynn digs deep to understand your skills so she can submit you for jobs that are a perfect match. This works well for the potential employer since their time is not wasted and it gives the candidate confidence knowing that they are qualified for the job they are interviewing for. Truly the best of both worlds. She stays with you through each stage of the process and ensures you have all the information you need to be successful. Her guidance was instrumental in my decision to accept my job offer.

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Matthew D. | Help Desk 5.0

Matthew recommends Barbara to others  
2 months ago

I believe that Barbara has been transparent and brutally honest with me which I appreciate so much. Then, on top of that she is always on top of things and never moves forward in less I am all in. Thank you so much Barbara.

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