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Next Move, Inc.

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Headquarters: Kansas City, MO



As a small travel nurse agency located in Kansas City, Missouri, with a team made up of practicing RNs, we have the inside knowledge to provide all our travel nurses with the highest paying, premier assignments throughout the entire country. Whether you've been a nurse traveler for years or just starting out for the first time, you're most likely looking for a one stop shop where you can land those premier assignments.

Our Process is quite simple. You tell us what you're looking for and we find it. No bull. No hoops to jump through. No awful application processes. You'll be assigned one recruiter who will work with you one-on-one, handle all the details and land you continuous and consecutive work at some of the best healthcare facilities in the country.

Our Mission:

Nurse First. Nurse Powered.

We always put our Nurses first, no matter what. Many of our internal staff are RNs as well, including one of our owners. We exist to help our clinicians find the best jobs and deliver the best patient care.

Recent Reviews

Paul B. | RN - ICU 5.0

Paul recommends Caleb to others  
6 months ago

It’s truly difficult to put into words, the manner in which Caleb has impacted my career and my life. In a short time I have gone from over worked, burned out, and detesting my job, to looking forward to going in and smiling as I leave. There’s not a question or concern that he fails to answer, address, or embrace as if it’s his own.

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Michelle M. | RN - Tele 5.0

Michelle recommends Danyelle to others  
11 months ago

Talked to her at 1030 am, had call from hospital by 12 noon and had offer within hour after speaking to them. WOW!!

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Britney W. | RN - L&D 5.0

Britney recommends Shelby to others  
11 months ago

Shelby has been fantastic to work with. She’s quick to respond and has made me feel like I’m her top priority. I had an interview and offer within 24 hours of being submitted to a job I really wanted!

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Erin P. | RN - Med/Surg 5.0

Erin recommends Danyelle to others  
11 months ago

Danyelle was amazing! She was so helpful and very timely! So friendly, very professional, and super easy to contact! She answered her phone every time I called! And she kept me informed every step of the way. I'm so grateful for all she's done. I felt she really cared and she worked hard getting me the right contract as quickly as possible.

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Melissa H. | RN 5.0

Melissa recommends CC to others  
11 months ago

Kohl and I reached out CC about 3 months ago looking for Springfield positions. That has always been our goal spot since we live in Joplin. She literally reached out THE NEXT DAY with a fantastic offer. We last minute changed out mind and really wanted to do a Key West FL contract just to get away for awhile. She was so kind and understood our decision, and said to always call if we were interested again once we returned home. She has secured us a job in November in springfield with a fantastic rate. She is very diligent, quick to respond, personable and just overall friendly. We feel that she has our best interest in mind and is very transparent & respectful. I have nothing but good things to say about CC. A+ employee. Looking forward to many more days of working with her! Thank you CC! We appreciate you!

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Samantha D. | LPN 5.0

Samantha recommends Caleb to others  
5 months ago

Being an LPN, I didn’t know if it would be easy getting a traveling position, which is something I always wanted to do!!! Caleb called me as soon as a position became available and made the hiring process a breeze. After the first contract was completed (with extensions), he was already looking for the next!!!! Amazing! Fast paced worker! AND he was checking up on me at the beginning of my contracts regularly and routinely during contracts to ensure I was being treated well in whatever place I was working. AMAZING!!!

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Hollie B. | RN 5.0

Hollie recommends Shelby to others  
1 year ago

Shelby is great to work with, she is easy to talk to, she got my friend and I at the same facility, she was upfront and honest about how difficult it would be, she always Kept us posted, never sugar coated anything, she told us what we needed to know not what she thought we wanted to hear and I respect her for that

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Jeremy O. | RN 5.0

Jeremy recommends John to others  
11 months ago

John has been helpful with answering questions and helping find job offers that are fair. John also does well making himself available at pretty much any time.

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Ashley G. | Candidate 5.0

Ashley recommends Caleb to others  
1 year ago

I can't rave about Caleb enough. I went into the process not even wanting to be a travel nurse yet, but just curious. By the end of my first phone call with Caleb I had already decided that I was ready to go ahead and take an assignment. Caleb is incredibly knowledgeable about the process of becoming a travel nurse which is sooooo helpful. However, what stood out to me the most about Caleb is that he made me feel like a person and really leveled with me. He was genuine, kind, patient, and honest. I am so grateful for his help with this exciting process!

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Dana W. | RN - Neuro ICU 4.0

Dana recommends Danielle to others  
1 day ago

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Kristen B. | RN - ER 5.0

Kristen recommends Melissa to others  
1 day ago

Melissa was awesome! She listened and was not pushy! I also feel that she stayed focus and got my contract needs taken care of in a timely professional manner!

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Candice M. | RN - Med/Surg 5.0

Candice recommends RayAnn to others  
17 hours ago

I had applied for many travel positions through many travel agencies and kept getting rejected, but RayAnn was the only one that could secure me a position and I am truly grateful!

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Brittany B. | RN - Med/Surg 5.0

Brittany recommends Hannah to others  
14 hours ago

She would answer all my questions right away. Even on weekends! Very helpful! 😇 She went out of her way to help find me the right job for me!

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Kristine C. | RN - Med/Surg 5.0

Kristine recommends Madison to others  
3 days ago

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Brandon K. | RN - ICU 5.0

Brandon recommends Danielle to others  
4 days ago

Danielle has done a fantastic job working with me and understanding my needs and desires in my next position! Would highly recommend her to anyone in the market.

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Shawna M. | RN - ER 5.0

Shawna recommends Melissa to others  
4 days ago

Melissa is a breath of fresh air! Awesome Job!

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Joyce C. | RN - LTC 5.0

Joyce recommends RayAnn to others  
2 days ago

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Joseph R. | RN - ICU 5.0

Joseph recommends Melissa to others  
5 days ago

Melissa was very attentive to my needs with my contract desires. She is professional, organized, and focused on helping find the best contract for me.

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Dawn B. | RN - Med/Surg - Tele 5.0

Dawn recommends RayAnn to others  
1 week ago

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