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Krissa Berkley

Recruiter at HIRECLOUT
4.7 (35 reviews)

94% of reviewers highly recommend Krissa.






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About Me

Recruiting since: 2016

HIRECLOUT Birthdate: 10/16/2019

Why I love recruiting...

Connecting people with amazing opportunities and to see how it impacts their lives. Recruiting is exciting and extremely rewarding.

When I'm not working, I love to...

Work out, spend time with family, enjoy good food and drinks and watch good movies and TV shows

Company Website:

Phone: 818882200


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Areas I recruit In: Anywhere in the USA!

Recent Reviews

Jahnavi Y. | Senior Software Development Engineer Test 5.0

Jahnavi recommends Krissa to others  
1 month ago

Its been a pleasure working with Krissa! Krissa is just awesome. She always kept me posted on next steps , provided information as soon as its available and was very patient in answering my zillion questions. I can go on but she's best at everything. Can't thank her enough.

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Brenda Z. | Senior Associate Software Engineer 5.0

Brenda recommends Krissa to others  
1 month ago

Krissa did a great job on matching me with positions with various companies and provided a lot of help on my journey doing interview too. One of the best recruiters I've worked with.

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Amir S. | Senior UI Engineer 5.0

Amir recommends Krissa to others  
1 month ago

Krissa brought a level of compassion and understanding to really get who I am as a candidate and what I'm looking for and what is the best match for that. She supported me in setting my best foot forward and setting me up to be effective and successful in the process. She was excellent at communicating and reaching through channels that worked to keep me on top of what's next and to keep the process moving forward for everyone.

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Melchizedek M. | Salesforce Business Analyst 5.0

Melchizedek recommends Krissa to others  
2 months ago

Krissa is one of the best recruiters I have ever talked to. She communicates every detail about an opportunity right from the beginning and responds to all the questions patiently. I’ve been hired and she checks up on me every now and then, especially during the pandemic working from home, she makes sure everything is going smooth.

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Mamun R. | Senior Site Reliability Engineer 5.0

Mamun recommends Krissa to others  
2 months ago

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Manu S. | Software Engineer II 5.0

Manu recommends Krissa to others  
4 weeks ago

Krissa is amazing and had a great knowledge about startups in the AI / computer vision space. Krissa will be able to get you exactly the jobs you are looking for, and much before any other recruiter. Krissa is easy to reach out, very helpful, and stays with you throughout the process, and makes sure you get the best salary and don’t leave anythjng on the table. You will never do wrong with Krissa. I highly recommend her.

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Rahul P. | Software QA Engineer 5.0

Rahul recommends Krissa to others  
6 days ago

Krissa made the entire process seem so easy by keeping me in the loop throughout the interview process and letting me know about the next steps. Krissa is deeply committed to the candidates interest and offered me advise when I had multiple job offers and helped me make the right decision. I've worked with so many recruiters over the last several years but Krissa went beyond my expectations. I would definitely recommend others and work with Krissa again.

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Naga P. | QA Engineer (Contractor) 5.0

Naga recommends Krissa to others  
6 days ago

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Arunas I. | Staff Engineer 5.0

Arunas recommends Krissa to others  
6 days ago

I can say only the best. If my company needed a recruiter - I would hire her without the doubt. You are very lucky to have her.

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Imran Shaik B. | Business System Specialist II 3.6

Imran Shaik recommends Krissa to others  
2 months ago

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