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Heather McRae reviewed by Orlando L. | Civil Structural and Architectural Designer

Orlando recommends Heather to others ✓

I have never met Heather and i feel like I've known her for 20+ years. Shes very easy to talk to and has a great since of humor. Needs to be more recruiters like her in the industry. She was very knowledgeable and optimistic about the position in which she told me about, which made me feel really good about this opportunity. Whether it was me or anyone else, this was a great feeling to give a person who's been looking in the industry for a while. Thank you for being you Heather and I look forward to working with you in the near future. Orlando A. Lomax 4.3.19 :-)
Barry Andis reviewed by Christopher H. | QC Manager/SSHO/Superintendent

Christopher recommends Barry to others ✓

Barry did an excellent job of explaining the details and intent of the employers needs. Regardless of how this turns out, Well Done Barry.
Mary Zapalski reviewed by Aravindan B. | Candidate

Aravindan recommends Mary to others ✓

Mary has a high level of professionalism and dedication in finding me a position that matches my background and interests. What stood out the most for me was her attention to detail. she showed genuine interest to hear out my experience and expectations, which made me feel valued and supported in this process. Offering guidance and suggestions to enhance my candidacy with the clients was helpful and greatly appreciable.
Joe Gallo reviewed by Diara N. | Quality Assurance Consultant

Diara recommends Joe to others ✓

I appreciated the promptness in his response in scheduling time to speak with me. Joe was great to talk to and answered all my questions. Glad to work with him during my job hunting journey.
William Payton reviewed by Tamara N. | Team Leader

Tamara recommends William to others ✓

Working with William Payton was a great experience. He provided clear insights into the position, demonstrating a deep understanding of the role. Also answered all the questions and concerns I had.
Sitara Ramessar reviewed by Thai N. | Principal Software Test Developer / Manager

Thai recommends Sitara to others ✓

Sitara was very attentive and provided quick and useful feedback so far during my job search.
John Young reviewed by WAJAHATH M. | Electrical Design Engineer

WAJAHATH recommends John to others ✓

Good presentation on job description, and having positive answering to my questions.
Kathleen Fecteau reviewed by DAVINDER S. | Candidate

DAVINDER recommends Kathleen to others ✓

It was a fantastic experience discussing the job and its requirements with her. She demonstrated punctuality and professionalism throughout our conversation. Additionally, she was highly knowledgeable about the role, provided clear and insightful answers to my questions, and showed a genuine interest in understanding the needs of the position. Her approachable demeanor and thorough preparation made the discussion both productive and enjoyable. Apart from that, she keeps you in loop for future opportunities as well.
Amy Orndorff reviewed by Asia R. | Dispatch Technician

Asia recommends Amy to others ✓

Amy is wonderful! She was transparent about the roles available that did not match my skills at the time of our first contact, but reached out months later as she stated that she would with the position that matched me perfectly!
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