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Addie Ponder

Recruiter at Careerstaff Unlimited
4.88 (5 reviews)

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Recruiting since: 2020

Careerstaff Unlimited Birthdate: 11/02/2020

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Recent Reviews

Tamicah K. | CNA 5.0

Tamicah recommends Addie to others  
16 hours ago

Addie did a wonderful job and walked me through every step

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Cara P. | RN 5.0

Cara recommends Addie to others  
16 hours ago

Addie was knowledgeable and successful in her per suit for my job search Accessible and supportive through the hiring process. Appreciate her skills in this endeavor.

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Ukeisha F. | RN 5.0

Ukeisha recommends Addie to others  
1 month ago

Addie was the most efficient and effective recruiter that I have experienced in a long time. Addie called me quickly and was already in the position to submit my resume for immediate review. She understood my needs and my promptness! This was a smooth and awesome experience and I look forward to working with her in future contracts. I would recommend her to my friends and coworkers any time.

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Denia B. | CNA 4.4

Denia recommends Addie to others  
1 month ago

Just hopeing to get a job. Went through everything. Passed everything. Still havent got job. Wished I would have known before. I did all the things to get job. But havent been successful. I thought before i did everything I was being promised a job on days.If I passed and I did. Now i heard theres only night time available. But I see on Indeed jobs for same place day and night jobs. One even again for Dec 5th posted. Im just so hurt. I wanted the job. But no luck. DB

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Adrianna M. | Nurse Aide 5.0

Adrianna recommends Addie to others  
2 months ago

Addie has honestly been so nice and personable. She has made the over the phone experience great. She has explained everything through and through. She’s awesome 10/10!!!

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