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We are your talent and career advisory partner.

Our 40 years of business have given us a front-row seat to the evolution of the staffing industry, a market increasingly shaped by economic shift and technological transformation. What we haven’t yet seen is an algorithm that outperforms the human element.

We specialize in staffing solutions across a variety of industries, including Engineering, IT, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, and Operations. Our experience, intuition, and commitment to building relationships drive our success in matching the right talent with the right company.

Recent Reviews

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Rachael G. | Technical Recruiter 5.0

Rachael recommends Jason to others ✓ 1 year ago

Jason seems to genuinely care about the candidates that he works with and values all connections as future opportunities to help. You don't find this frequently in the staffing industry! He is above the rest!

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Julie S. | Sr. Risk Analyst 5.0

Julie recommends Emily to others ✓ 1 year ago

Emily has been an absolute joy to work with in the Job hunting process. She moves quickly with a since of urgency each step of the way. She coached me with my resume and answered every question. I feel like I could easily communicate with her and she has ALWAYS been understanding. Not to mention she followed up with me after I had been at the job, I was so surprised and did not expect that! She really does care about her clients well being which I strongly appreciate. I have referred several candidates to her in the past. Everyone that asks, I send directly to her with no hesitation! Thanks Emily for being so wonderful! -Julie

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Joe B. | Digital Designer 5.0

Joe recommends Adriana to others ✓ 1 year ago

Adriana was my partner during the entire hiring process and beyond. It's easy to feel isolated once placed at a company but Adriana and the Brightwing staff build personal relationships with their personnel. There is comfort knowing you have a team behind you enabling you to focus and excel on your career.

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Zane G. | IT specialist 5.0

Zane recommends Justin to others ✓ 1 year ago

Justin is not your typical recruiter. You will realize after talking to him for less than 5 minutes that he is different than what you are used to. Justin genuinely cares about you! He will go that extra mile for you, be there when you have questions, or if you just need to talk. He understands the human component that is often times lacking in the recruiting industry. He really tries to get to know you as a person and while incredibly professional in his role, treats you like a friend. Great recruiter, but more importantly a great person. Highly recommend him for helping you achieve your career goals. This recruiter gets it!

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Rob A. | Developer/Consultant 5.0

Rob recommends Victor to others ✓ 1 year ago

Victor has been been up-front and honest with me. He hasn't set up unrealistic expectations and I can tell that he carefully considers a candidate's interests as well as those of his company. His helpful, respectful, open and forthright nature speak highly of both him and the company he works for.

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Iftequar M. | IT Consultant (Freelancer) 3.6

1 week ago

Hope to hear fro her back

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Danielle M. | Office Supervisor 4.8

Danielle recommends Adriana to others ✓ 5 days ago

Adriana was lovely! She was very easy to connect with during our initial meeting, often drawing on her own career experiences to explain processes and procedures. I appreciated how quickly she followed up with me regarding a specific position that we discussed.

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Perry B. | System Engineer 4.0

Perry recommends Noah to others ✓ 6 days ago


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Spencer W. | JavaScript Developer 5.0

Spencer recommends Matt to others ✓ 1 week ago

Matt called to begin the process of helping me find a job today. Regardless of how this turns out, Matt was the most engaged, curious, knowledgeable and supportive recruiter I have spoken too. It is evident he cares about doing a great job and I feel respected and supported by him.

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Laura H. | Communications Specialist / Editor 5.0

Laura recommends Adriana to others ✓ 1 week ago

Adriana made me feel at ease during the phone interview.

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CHRISTOPHER M. | Director of Operations 4.4

CHRISTOPHER recommends Adriana to others ✓ 6 days ago

Adriana is very easy to speak to, she takes the time to disclose what position was available... she discussed the position, issues or concerns about the role, any logistic concerns from your home to the potential place of employment. These discussions also included what salary range I was looking for. Nice job Adriana, even though this opportunity did not work out for myself, I hope to work with Adriana in the future Chris

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Moath S. | Research Assistant 3.4

5 days ago

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Jennifer O. | human resources 5.0

Jennifer recommends Adriana to others ✓ 1 week ago

Andriana was very plesant to talk with and sounded very knowledgeable.

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Zachary H. | Materials Supervisor 5.0

Zachary recommends Julia to others ✓ 1 week ago

Very friendly and helpful

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Terell W. | Materials Supervisor 5.0

Terell recommends Maren to others ✓ 1 week ago

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Industries Served

  • marketing
  • operations
  • Human Resources
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Engineering
  • IT


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Troy, MI 48083
United States
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Suite 140
Plano, TX 75024
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Pittsburgh, PA 15222
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South Florida

12555 Orange Drive
Suite 4017
Davie, FL 33330
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