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Adriana Michaels

Recruiter at Brightwing
4.65 (253 reviews)

89% of reviewers highly recommend Adriana.






Job Seekers Who Highly Recommend Adriana Michaels

About Me

Recruiting since: 2007

Company Website:

Phone: 248-585-4750


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Specialties I recruit for: automotive

Roles I recruit for: supply chain Human Resources Engineering

Recent Reviews

Andrew S. | Engineering​ Intern 5.0

Andrew recommends Adriana to others  
3 years ago

Adriana was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. From getting the initial interview to getting an offer of employment, Adriana has been there for me every step of the way.

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Ulrike H. | HR Director 4.6

Ulrike recommends Adriana to others  
3 years ago

I find Adriana to be extremely professional, courteous and understanding about what I am looking for. She is great at follow up and keeping me informed. I enjoy working with her.

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Joe B. | Digital Designer 5.0

Joe recommends Adriana to others  
3 years ago

Adriana was my partner during the entire hiring process and beyond. It's easy to feel isolated once placed at a company but Adriana and the Brightwing staff build personal relationships with their personnel. There is comfort knowing you have a team behind you enabling you to focus and excel on your career.

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Eduardo S. | No job title 5.0

Eduardo recommends Adriana to others  
3 years ago

Adriana has been extremely patient and helpful during this process. She's very encouraging and always makes you feel ready for the interviews. Would definitely recommend to anyone searching for a recruiter. Thanks Adriana.

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Martha R. | Health Consultant 5.0

Martha recommends Adriana to others  
2 years ago

I really appreciated Adriana listening to me and really hearing what I was looking for in a career. She was open, kind, and engaging. Really enjoyed my experience with Adriana.

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NICOLE P. | Human Resources Manager 5.0

NICOLE recommends Adriana to others  
2 years ago

Meeting with Adriana gave me the confidence and direction I needed In my career path at EXACTLY the right time! She made sure to thoroughly understand my goals and requirements as well as guide me in the right direction with such a personalized experience. Adriana knows her stuff!! It’s a blessing to work with such an energetic and passionate recruiter!!

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René S. | Design Engineer 4.8

René recommends Adriana to others  
2 years ago

I have been searching for a job and have talked to many recruiters. Adriana stands out because she offers a gentle approach and really put me at ease when we spoke. I feel like she is really looking out for me as a person. I wish more recruiters were like her, she was very informative and up front with me about the position. I'm glad I received this survey so I could review my experience with her thus far. Kudos

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Damon Y. | Brand Design Specialist 5.0

Damon recommends Adriana to others  
3 days ago

Adriana was prompt, kind, and helpful. It felt like I was speaking to a friend rather than a recruiter. She helped with all of my questions and was more than willing to help with anything I needed. Great experience!

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Cori P. | No job title 5.0

Cori recommends Adriana to others  
1 week ago

Adriana was very friendly and remained very transparent. I was very aware of expectations of when she would have follow up. I asked a lot of questions and she let me know that I could reach out with any additional ones, which I found very helpful! Had a great experience with her!

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Mary M. | Business Development & Advisor (Freelance) 4.6

Mary recommends Adriana to others  
1 week ago

Adriana was very easy to talk with. We had a very interactive conversation and she was responsive in giving me feedback.

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Janet K. | Correspondence Processor 3.6

1 week ago

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Wesley F. | Managing Director 5.0

Wesley recommends Adriana to others  
2 weeks ago

Adriana has been great to work with. She listened carefully to my questions and provided detailed responses. She has been polite, professional and energetic throughout our conversation and a pleasure to interact with.

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CLARENCE S. | Document Analyst/Graphic Designer 4.4

CLARENCE recommends Adriana to others  
2 weeks ago

I really enjoyed Adriana being honest and open about the graphic design position. The positive energy and knowledge she share with me about the position is very much appreciated.

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JESSICA T. | Marketing & Resident Coordinator 4.6

JESSICA recommends Adriana to others  
2 weeks ago

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P.J. B. | Accounts Receivable Clerk 5.0

P.J. recommends Adriana to others  
3 weeks ago

Both professional and personable. A great discussion!

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Heather H. | Billing Analyst 5.0

Heather recommends Adriana to others  
2 weeks ago

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SHANA G. | Staffing Manager 5.0

3 weeks ago

Adriana contacted me via phone for the first time today 7/8/20. I found her personable and professional. She gave me a better understanding of your company. I enjoyed my conversation with her. I am very interested in this job and I hope to move on to next steps in this interview process. Sincerely, Shana Gagnon

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