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From the day our doors opened in 1973, we’ve had an unshakeable belief that people deserve fulfilling work. That given the right role, culture, and support, everyone can find purpose and success.

We handpick clients and candidates to make that vision a reality.

Over the last 47 years, building trust and understanding has been at the core of our approach. Because there’s no other way to get at the results that matter: human potential realized.

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Dmitriy T. | Project Manager | Business Systems Analyst 5.0

Dmitriy recommends Will to others  
6 months ago

It seems that Brightwing is careful in hiring their staff because will is the 2nd recruiter from the company with whom I have dealt and the experience has been exceptional. What I like about Will is that he reached out to me based on my skill set and experience as opposed to trying find someone just to fill a role at a company. He found a position that is the perfect match, and he got everything set promptly. In addition, he has prepared me for the interview, as well as set a good idea of what it's like to work at this particular company (client). Regardless of the client interview outcome, I would like to work with Will in the future. It is hard to find good recruiters these says, so I am glad that I'm working with Will.

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Andrew S. | Digital Product Specialist 4.0

Andrew recommends Kim to others  
2 hours ago

I so appreciated Kim's enthusiasm and insight. She was very familiar with the position and what the client was looking for.

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Dallas A. | Sales Trainings, Executive Communications and Even 4.2

Dallas recommends Kim to others  
4 days ago

Kim was very nice in meeting with me and learning about what my experiences were and giving me honest feedback and expectations about the job.

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Matthew T. | IT Desk Support/Warehouse Manager 5.0

Matthew recommends Amber to others  
5 days ago

Amber was a great help, she provided useful critiques, and was quick to communicate. Amber was also great with her words to help improve points in my resume.

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KENA V. | Project Manager 5.0

KENA recommends Kim to others  
2 days ago

Kim was very enthusiastic and she went over a position that I was submitted. She explained sufficiently and all the expectations. Thank you Kim.

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HEATHER E. | Executive Administrative Assistant 5.0

HEATHER recommends Kim to others  
5 days ago

She was very friendly!

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Sherelle M. | Manager 3.6

Sherelle recommends Will to others  
3 days ago

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Tex recommends Will to others  
5 days ago

A true professional!

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1 week ago

Amber was wonderful and had tons of energy.

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Sonya Faith W. | Architect 4.0

1 week ago

first contact

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Lynda B. | Litigation Legal Secretary 5.0

Lynda recommends Kim to others  
1 week ago

Kim reached out to & we set a call up. She spent nearly an hour with me. She allowed me to be candid & honest about what my history & personality look like. She was professional & gave me positive feedback based on her perception of what the client needs. Due to my wide variety of experience many recruiters tend to brush me aside because they fail to peel back the layers of my resume. A piece of paper or email could never provide an actual glimpse into the complex positions I've held in the past nor could it explain the gaps in employment as I overcame life's challenges. For these reasons I most likely will go with Kim as my recruiter rather than allow my present agency to represent me. I felt humbled that she gave me her valuable time and look forward to having a mutually beneficial working relationship with both Kim and the client. I am looking forward to see how well Kim's perception of my skills match with the client's needs. Thank you for me allowing me a place to voice my opinion. Kim is a valuable asset to your agency and her personality shone over the phone. She was professional in every way. Regards, Lynda Thomas Bryan Tel.: 469.207.2052

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