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Todd Unrein

Recruiter at BridgeView
4.8 (226 reviews)

98% of reviewers highly recommend Todd .






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About Me

Todd grew up in Hays, Kansas and moved on to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he graduated with Bachelors of Science degree in Engineering. Additionally, Todd played minor league baseball for the Baltimore Orioles. When not working as a Sr. Technical Recruiter hunting down candidates, Todd can be found outdoors either mountain biking, skiing or camping with his wife and two children. He is also a big fan of rock and roll and loves listening to Zeppelin, Metallica, and Rush.

Why I love recruiting...

I enjoy the opportunity to work with people on a daily basis and being able to help them in advancing their career.

When I'm not working, I love to...

Many things outdoors, staying active playing sports and spending time with my family.

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Recent Reviews


Kimberly recommends Todd to others  
1 year ago

Todd worked with me specifically for the position, we reviewed skills and possible gaps. I thought his thoroughness would go a long way to present me properly for the position we had in mind.

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JOSEPH O. | Consultant; Snr AWS Solutions Architect 4.6

JOSEPH recommends Todd to others  
1 year ago

Cool, calm and collected individual who takes his time to ensure that necessary information isn't just passed across to you but also that you understand those information.

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Shannon C. | Procurement Analyst 5.0

Shannon recommends Todd to others  
1 year ago

Todd is a fantastic communicator, and listener. It is incredibly important for a job seeking to have someone be open, honest and hear what you are saying. I really appreciated his ability to do both well.

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Andrew recommends Todd to others  
1 year ago

Todd has been a pleasure to work with from the beginning. Very knowledgeable and willing to help every step of the job search process.

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James S. | Senior Technical Lead Engineer 4.8

James recommends Todd to others  
1 year ago

I've worked with Todd for less than a week, and have only discussed a handful of opportunities so far. However, it's clear he has a very solid understanding of the technologies we've discussed (going back decades in some cases), and has been able to filter available positions more accurately than some other recruiters I've worked with. He's provided quality feedback regarding things like my resume and the approach I should take with various employers. I wouldn't be surprised at all if my next position is acquired through him!

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Beverly H. | Senior Project Manager 5.0

Beverly recommends Todd to others  
1 year ago

Todd was great at reaching out to me regarding a job opportunity. I appreciated the time that he took to review my resume prior to contacting me and understanding not only my skill set and background but also the time frames in which I have juggled working both a FT contract and a non-profit organization. Todd is very good at taking the time to listen to what I'm looking for and working with me to find a good opportunity/fit. He is also very good with follow-up!

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Mario A. | Consultant 4.8

Mario recommends Todd to others  
1 year ago

Todd has always been on top of my work situation. I'm not sure how he remembers everything. He continues to find opportunities and present those that are appropriate for me. He is always prompt in following up and following through the job search process. He is a valuable resource to know.

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Steven I. | Program Manager 5.0

Steven recommends Todd to others  
1 week ago

Todd, was very helpful with insight into the company and insight into the interviewer.

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Crista D. | Program Manager 5.0

Crista recommends Todd to others  
2 weeks ago

I'm supposed to get the offer tomorrow, so the last two ratings reflect that. Todd Unrein is a smart guy who knew what the hiring manager needed, provided my resume and she said he hit it out of the park. The interview was filled with what her needs were. She knew my resume and understoon what I already know so I reiterated back what I thought she needed which will use all of my experience and then some. In other words, Todd connected us perfectly. Furthermore, both she and he need additional support for growing customer needs and I'm already aiding both in that effort. Cool interview, cool work. I'm looking forward to this opportunity.

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Rebecca S. | Senior Software Developer 5.0

Rebecca recommends Todd to others  
2 months ago

Todd is one of those rare recruiters who take the time to get to know you and tells you everything he knows about a client or a job opportunity.

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Ashiq K. | Business Systems Analyst 5.0

Ashiq recommends Todd to others  
2 months ago

The fact that we instantly connected about a lot of work related things

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Patty C. | Project Manager 5.0

Patty recommends Todd to others  
2 months ago

Todd has been absolutely great to work with! He has been transparent with information and is very quick to respond to questions. He is not out just to fill a job req... he is all about making sure I am submitted for the right job - that it's a good match on both ends. Recruiters like Todd are far and few between, so I consider myself blessed that I was contacted by him!

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JOELSETTE H. | Sr. Project Manager/ Program Manager 5.0

JOELSETTE recommends Todd to others  
2 months ago

Todd was very positive and open, I appreciated his knowledge and shared feedback, easy to talk too- excellent job Todd!

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