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Kirstin Schmelig

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About Kirstin
Kirstin's Bio

Hey there, I'm Kirstin and I'm all about the exciting world of staffing! Imagine mixing the perfect cocktail of connecting awesome people with their dream job opportunities – that's my jam. With 2+ years diving deep into the staffing industry, I've honed the knack for understanding just what clients need and pinpointing that incredible talent that fits like a glove. I'm not your typical salesperson; I'm all about building relationships, not just closing deals. Whether it's finding the right candidate or helping a company flourish, I'm there, giving it my all. And let's not forget, I'm the go-to person for staying on top of all the latest trends in staffing – I’m like the Sherlock Holmes of this industry! So, if you're looking for someone who's as passionate about staffing as they are about a perfect cup of coffee on a Monday morning, yep, that's me – Kirstin, your staffing sidekick!

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Why I love to sell
Selling in the staffing industry is like being the conductor of an awesome symphony where talents and opportunities harmonize in the coolest ways. It's not just about numbers and deals; it's about creating these magic moments when a candidate's skills align perfectly with a company's dreams. I get to be a matchmaker of professional destiny, and that feeling? It's like winning a jackpot every time. The staffing world is a dynamic dance of personalities and potential, and I'm here to rock the rhythm and make sure everyone's grooving to success.

When I'm not working I like to
When I'm not rocking it in the staffing sales scene, I've got a lineup of awesome things that keep me grinning. First off, you'll spot me on the sand volleyball court, spiking and diving like a total pro – it's my ultimate stress-buster. But guess what? My dachshunds are the real bosses here. These two cuties bring the doggy party wherever they go, and I'm just lucky to be along for the ride. And when I'm not busy with the pups or acing the game, I'm all about family time. Sunday brunches and those epic family get-togethers? Yep, count me in! And when the sun sets, you might just catch me lost in the intriguing world of "Dexter," channeling my inner detective while indulging in thrilling episodes – who doesn't love a little mystery, right? So, whether it's spiking, woofing, hanging with family, or solving some TV crimes, you know I'm living life to the fullest! 🏐🐶🍔🕵️‍♂️

Started working at Accounting Career Consultants & HR Career Consultants on

Who I Sell For


Executive Search
Financial Services
Human Resources
Non Profit


Tax Attorney
Family Law Attorney
Human Resources Manager
Labor and Employment Attorney


Greater St Louis
Recent Reviews

Terri C. Client 5.00

1 month ago

About Kirstin Schmelig:

Kirsten has been amazing throughout the process so far! I will highly recommend ACC and ACC-Legal and Kirsten to all the Gateway ALA members and any other person that has a need for a related area recruiter.
Highly Recommended

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Kari P. Client 5.00

3 months ago

About Kirstin Schmelig:

Kirstin was prepared during our initial meeting. She asked all of the right questions and made sure she understood my needs for the position. She provided a qualified candidate within 24 hours or less, and the candidate was a good fit for the position.
Highly Recommended

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