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Sean Lake

Recruiter at AB Staffing Solutions
4.97 (33 reviews)

100% of reviewers highly recommend Sean.






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About Me

Recruiting since: 2010

AB Staffing Solutions Birthdate: 11/12/2018

My professional background consists of 8 years in the US Army as an Infantryman, followed by the last 7+ years in Recruiting. I began recruiting while still in the Army and have since staffed for Warehouse, Call Centers (medical and non-medical), Home Health, and now Travel Healthcare positions for RN's, LPN's and CNA's. I have been married to my wife for almost 8 years now and have 3 very, very busy little boys (6, 3, and 1) they like to keep things interesting outside of the office for me. My primary focus with AB Staffing is typically Emergency Dept RN's for our direct Federal clients, but I am still able to staff other specialties as well.

Why I love recruiting...

I love recruiting because even though your days may be structured similarly and you can have a good routine you still never know what you are going to have that day. Every phone call is a chance to connect with someone new and completely different, you are able to work with them to see what is the best option out there for them.

When I'm not working, I love to...

Spend time with my family, as I said my 3 boys like to keep us busy, but I do also have a bit of a woodshop in my garage where if I am able I will spend some time with DIY projects for the house. My wife always finds little things to do and I love being able to actually create them from scratch.

Company Website:

Phone: 480-565-6253


Can I Help You?

Specialties I recruit for: TRAVEL NURSING Travel Nursing Healthcare Staffing Government Healthcare Travel Healthcare

Roles I recruit for: RNs, LPNs, CNAs,

Areas I recruit In: All across the USA Nationwide

Recent Reviews

Grace P. | Registered Nurse 4.6

Grace recommends Sean to others  
3 months ago

I like he is matter of fact, hears what I say and what my needs are, then addresses them in a timely matter. He hears my frustrations and lets me vent, then guides me through the difficulty which may be experiencing thus improving the process when dealing with the different areas of AB Staffing. One of the best recruiters I have had in the travel nurse world.

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Erika C. | Certified Nurse Assistant 5.0

Erika recommends Sean to others  
2 weeks ago

Everything was explained so the process was simple. Answered all my questions in a timely manner. Checked up on me to make sure all paperwork was completed.

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Jennifer M. | Certified Nurse Assistant 5.0

Jennifer recommends Sean to others  
1 day ago

He is awesome. He listens to the needs of who he is working with.

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April C. | CNA 5.0

April recommends Sean to others  
1 month ago

Very helpful

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Jacklyn B. | CNA 5.0

Jacklyn recommends Sean to others  
1 month ago

He was plesent to work with and answered any questions i had.

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Brandi W. | CNA 5.0

Brandi recommends Sean to others  
1 month ago

Having someone respond to your inquiry rapidly is not only important but also shows that they are on top of their game and want to fill a need. Sean has been and remains one of the best recruiters/ handlers I have had the pleasure of working with and am looking forward to work with him in the future.

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Deidra K. | CNA 5.0

Deidra recommends Sean to others  
1 month ago

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Lateshia L. | CNA 5.0

Lateshia recommends Sean to others  
1 month ago

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Melinda S. | CNA 5.0

Melinda recommends Sean to others  
1 month ago

I found Sean to be very informative. A kind and understanding spirit with an open-minded personality. Sean also informed me that he will always be the person for me to contact if I should have any problems or run into any hard time. I greatly appreciated that.

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Shawni R. | CNA 5.0

Shawni recommends Sean to others  
1 month ago

He was very helpful, and answered all my questions

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Alisha T. | Certified Nurse Assistant 5.0

Alisha recommends Sean to others  
2 months ago

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