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David Aplin Group is a private family and employee owned Canadian corporation founded in Alberta in 1975, focused on positively impacting lives. For over 40 years from coast to coast, we have been fulfilling talent demands for Canadian businesses. We build strong connections and leverage our networks to ensure success by having a deep understanding of the professional needs of people and organizations. Today, David Aplin Group is recognized as one of Canada's most accomplished recruiting firms. Our mission is to positively impact lives, and we do so by living our core values every day.

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Charla R. | Quality Manager 5.0

Charla recommends Leanne to others  
10 months ago

Leanne is very good at asking the hard questions to figure out what her client wants and doesn’t want in their career and to find a suitable fit for them based on that.

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Harshita P. | Junior Accounting Administrator 5.0

Harshita recommends Chi to others  
10 months ago

Chi is one of the most amazing people I have met, professionally. She helped me land a job less than a week after I met her, that went on to become my first permanent full time job. She excels at what she does, and shows utmost efficiency in her work.

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Stacey M. | Information Management / Documentation Control Specialist 5.0

Stacey recommends Christina to others  
10 months ago

Chris is always the first call I make when I find myself out of work. She warns me if places are below my level, she's honest, offers a fair wage, and always does her best to find me something. I've known Chris for ten years and was very happy when I found out she would be my rep. She is the absolute best employee you have-- do not ever let her go!!!

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Kaitlin M. | Transition Administrator 5.0

Kaitlin recommends Stacey to others  
10 months ago

Having quite a bit of experience with recruiters over the years, I can confidently say that Stacey was hands down, the best one I've worked with. She listened to what I had to say, she was honest and kind and I could tell that she genuinely wanted to help. Unlike a lot of recruiters who just look to check off the boxes of required experience, she really seemed to put an emphasis on long term fit, which I appreciated. She hooked me up with a fantastic company and I am really happy in my new job. I've already given her info to two people I know.

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Shikha K. | Accounts Payable Administrator 5.0

Shikha recommends Neil to others  
11 hours ago

Neil was the only recruiter so far that i have came across who understood my requirements clearly. He is the best recruiter I have come across till date.

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Maulikkumar P. | Shop Production Planner 5.0

Maulikkumar recommends Suzanne to others  
7 hours ago

As a new immigrant, I got very good support from Suzanne in understanding the Canadian job market and Expectations. She understood my requirements and found the suitable opportunity. She helped in refining my career brief and guided me throughout the hiring process.

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Diana G. | Payroll Services Lead 5.0

Diana recommends Vanessa to others  
13 hours ago

She is a total rock star

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Christopher B. | Service Coordinator 5.0

Christopher recommends Sushant to others  
14 hours ago

I have never had a more positive experience in the past with any job search! My expectations of having a recruiter advocating for me were completely exceeded in all the best ways and I feel even if I was not successful in the job hunt he assisted me in, I would still be absolutely satisfied and excited to work with him again! My only recommendation or question would be I would love to refer my trusted friends to him and I would love to know if there is an ideal professional way to do so. I would hate to innodate him with emails if there is a better way to share my colleagues' and friends resumes with him. And, I see I can do so on this form! If there is one I can use in the future, please let me know. Thank you so much!

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Randy M. | Trades 5.0

Randy recommends Victoria to others  
1 week ago

Victoria was awesome to work with, she obviously connects with her clients on both sides understanding everyone's needs for a successful endeavor... Highly Recommended

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Danny L. | Rail Mechanic 5.0

Danny recommends Jeremy to others  
1 week ago

Highly recommend Jeremy. He got me the position that I applied for. Also props to his coworker ji ho.

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Jenny L. | Financial Analyst 4.0

1 week ago

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Chantal H. | General Manager 5.0

Chantal recommends Stacey to others  
7 hours ago

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Blair F. | Estimator/Project Manager 5.0

Blair recommends Leanne to others  
6 days ago

I think Leanne is terrific. She understood my somewhat less than conventional credentials, gave good advice, found a position where I think I'm a very good fit.

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Dhruti V. | Administrative Assistant 4.8

Dhruti recommends Hugues to others  
1 week ago

Hugues was very proactive from the first step. He followed up in a timely manner and reassured me every step. I got lots of good tips and tricks to prep me for the interview process.

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