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Kailyn Kalm reviewed by Freeman T. | ELECTRONICS ENGINEER

Freeman recommends Kailyn to others ✓

She was very welcoming and professionally handled the appointment scheduling and Called me on time; she had defined structure for the call and in a nutshell, it was a very good conversation... I felt like I was conversing with a friend
Kailyn Kalm reviewed by Suzie C. | Expert

Suzie recommends Kailyn to others ✓

Thanks for the great conversation Kailyn! It is not often that recruiters take the time to get to understand what I'm looking for and what skills I offer. She came across as warm, caring, and concerned about my job search. Thank you!
Kailyn Kalm reviewed by John G. | Sr. Systems Engineer

John recommends Kailyn to others ✓

Kailyn was a pleasure to work with on this job posting. She was positive and provided timely updates. I would certainly recommend Kailyn to my peers who may be seeking employment.
Kailyn Kalm reviewed by Kevin M. | No job title

Kevin recommends Kailyn to others ✓

She has gone over and above to help with my understanding of the industry, and the work environment of portland. I had just moved to the city and she has helped in the frustrations of finding a job, and advocating for my behalf. She has completely gone the extra mile with welcoming me to a city and understanding the transition and problems that can arise. She has been truthful and forthcoming and has given incredible guidance, which has changed my view of recruiters.
Kailyn Kalm reviewed by Colin J. | No job title

Colin recommends Kailyn to others ✓

Even from the initial LinkedIn message, I felt there was something different about Kailyn's approach to understanding my needs. She asked intelligent questions and gathered the information needed to find an employer that matches my requirement. This made her stand out from other recruiters.
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