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Rachael specializes in the placement of temporary and permanent administrative professionals throughout the Edmonton Area. She brings over 9 years’ experience in administration, customer service and sales to her role at David Aplin Group. Rachael is recognized for her enthusiasm, ability to build a great rapport with clients and candidates and to ensure satisfaction.

Rachael holds the Registered Professional Recruiter (RPR) designation.

Company Website: https://www.aplin.com/

Phone: 780-229-2010


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Amanda B. | Receptionist 5.0

Amanda recommends Rachael to others  
1 week ago

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Lori G. | Receptionist 5.0

Lori recommends Rachael to others  
3 weeks ago

Rachael has always been VERY supportive and encouraging. I love that she always give feedback after an assignment.

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Pia D. | Administration 4.0

3 weeks ago

Rachael is a very friendly, enthusiastic and professional recruiter! She takes her time to understand someone's needs and figure out the best fitting industries and companies. She puts a high value on the well-being of any client, which I really appreciate about her! The recruiting process sometimes seemed very chaotic. She came up with job offers and I tried to call her right away to go through the details together or tell her that I would be very interested and to know what the next steps are. Often, I couldn't reach her (neither on the phone, nor via email) and the job was gone which was disappointing. Also, for my job assignment, I felt like important information were not given despite being promised or there were misunderstandings between David Aplin and the company concerning the working hours. Other than that I beliebe that everyone searching for a job with Rachael is in good hands. She really tries her best and is absolutely lovely!

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Petra M. | Data Entry 5.0

Petra recommends Rachael to others  
1 month ago

Rachel is very personable and real. She has found me 2 jobs that i never thought i could get into and i loved them both. She really takes what you want in a placement and tries to find you that.

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Mike F. | Data Entry 4.0

Mike recommends Rachael to others  
1 month ago


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Yue Y. | Chinese Administrator 3.2

1 month ago

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Akino K. | Data Entry 5.0

Akino recommends Rachael to others  
1 month ago

Rachael is an excellent person! She explained and went through everything with me! Thank you for finding a wonderful job for me. I hope this job goes to where I want to be. ( full time permanent)

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Laurie M. | Administrator/ Data Entry 5.0

Laurie recommends Rachael to others  
1 month ago

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Vanessa D. | Reception Coverage 5.0

Vanessa recommends Rachael to others  
2 months ago

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Sunita M. | Office Professional 5.0

Sunita recommends Rachael to others  
2 months ago

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