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James Hatch reviewed by Dean L. | Candidate

Dean recommends James to others ✓

Having spent ten years as a recruiter earlier in my own career, I have a pretty good feel for when someone is doing the right things. It's still a little early in the process since an interview with the client has not yet been arranged, but my instincts tell me I'm well represented.
James Hatch reviewed by Martin S. | Senior Database Engineer / Data Warehouse DBA

Martin recommends James to others ✓

James Hatch reviewed by Jouffroy L. | Programmer/Analyst

Jouffroy recommends James to others ✓

Friendly and Timely.
James Hatch reviewed by Steve M. | Infrastructure lead

Steve recommends James to others ✓

James was fantastic to work with. It was nice to be able to lean on him for both big things, like what the company was looking for, and small things, like details about arrival and benefits. Edgelink had multiple people involved but James took point with me and would field any questions or issue I had.
James Hatch reviewed by Ligaya O. | Sr. Site Reliability Engineer

Ligaya recommends James to others ✓

James' initial introduction was personable, authentic, and not canned as I've seen from other recruiters. His description of the position and opportunities made me want to hear more about it.
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