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Jerry Eberly reviewed by Todd A. | Telephony Engineer

Todd recommends Jerry to others ✓

Jerry has been with me every step of the way. He has always followed up with me and kept me informed on where we were at on the client side.
Jerry Eberly reviewed by Crystal P. | Product Owner

Crystal recommends Jerry to others ✓

So far it has been a very pleasurable experience. Too many recruiters act more interested in what you can do for them than in how they can provide a service to you. And too many of them seem to have no idea who you are when they contact if they didn't actually read your resume or LinkedIn profile (despite claiming in the initial contact that they found your resume online and thought you'd be a "perfect" fit for a position they have). It's as if they care only about collecting resumes. I felt like Jerry had reviewed my information and was actually listening to what I said, that we had a conversation rather than a sales pitch. I look forward to working with Jerry on this current submittal and am happy to work with him in future if/when possible.
Jerry Eberly reviewed by Natalie S. | Candidate

Natalie recommends Jerry to others ✓

Jerry was personable, knowledgeable and communicated well!
Jerry Eberly reviewed by Frank B. | Owner

Frank recommends Jerry to others ✓

Jerry is an action-oriented recruiter who puts in the extra effort. I felt he was representing me very well as a prospect
Jerry Eberly reviewed by Tony R. | ISP Engineer

Tony recommends Jerry to others ✓

He was kind enough to enhance my resume to showcase my skills and experience. Very pleasant in the phone.
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