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Aaron Mills reviewed by Alexander Z. | Principal Software Engineer

Alexander recommends Aaron to others ✓

everything was professional.
Aaron Mills reviewed by Adam J. | Software Engineer

Adam recommends Aaron to others ✓

Aaron listened to what I was saying attentively and managed to capture all of my experience with a high degree of accuracy. Most recruiters jot down small notes, but Aaron captured the full essence of what I was presenting. I was impressed.
Aaron Mills reviewed by Brad H. | Quality Assurance Engineer

Brad recommends Aaron to others ✓

A friend referred me to Aaron and he found a couple opportunities for me. When we talked, we zeroed in on one of the openings and I now have an interview scheduled with the client in a couple days. My experience with Aaron so far has been great.
Aaron Mills reviewed by TREVOR A. | Data Scientist

TREVOR recommends Aaron to others ✓

Aaron has been great to work with! He’s very empathetic, has great insight into what I’m looking for as well as the needs of the employer, and he is absolutely outstanding with communication. I never wonder what’s up next. He really zeroed in on my background at helped me move forward with an awesome opportunity.
Aaron Mills reviewed by Anthony P. | Deep Fakes Expert

Anthony recommends Aaron to others ✓

Aaron was able to share the culture of the company, while answering particular questions about the tech stack. We had a pleasant interview.
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