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Aaron Mills reviewed by TREVOR A. | Data Scientist

TREVOR recommends Aaron to others ✓

Aaron has been great to work with! He’s very empathetic, has great insight into what I’m looking for as well as the needs of the employer, and he is absolutely outstanding with communication. I never wonder what’s up next. He really zeroed in on my background at helped me move forward with an awesome opportunity.
Aaron Mills reviewed by RANDY R. | Technical Communications Manager

RANDY recommends Aaron to others ✓

Just the right level of consultation and introduction. Informative, supportive, content-aware. Well connected in the industry. Very responsive. Highly recommended.
Aaron Mills reviewed by Matt B. | Software Engineer

Matt recommends Aaron to others ✓

Aaron helped me figure out what I wanted to do and helped get me there. He was always friend, and on time during the entire job search. With his help my life/career is on a higher trajectory.
Aaron Mills reviewed by Sameer T. | Sr. Mobile Developer

Sameer recommends Aaron to others ✓

Aaron Mills reviewed by Ivan S. | Corporate Tech Support Analyst

Ivan recommends Aaron to others ✓

Aaron was genuinely kind and polite. He explained the job, asked constructive questions, and elaborated on all future steps in this application process. It was a pleasure talking to Aaron today.
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