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About Me

Recruiting since: 2014

BridgeView IT Birthdate: 07/15/2019

Stephanie grew up in Southern California and has called Colorado her home since 2001. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of San Francisco. Stephanie enjoys the people side of technical recruiting, and the challenge of matching top-notch candidates with niche/unicorn roles. During her free time, she can be found spending time with her two daughters, listening to live music, or playing tennis

Why I love recruiting...

It feels great to help candidates find amazing careers.

When I'm not working, I love to...

Play tennis and hang out with my two teenagers.

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Phone: 303-569-8993


Can I Help You?

Specialties I recruit for: IT industry Healthcare Software Development Oil & Energy Banking & finance

Roles I recruit for: Project Manager Information Security Network Engineering Systems Engineering Technical Support Technical Writers Quality Assurance VMWare Solution Architects

Areas I recruit In: California New York City area Denver, CO

Recent Reviews

Desiree R. | Gateway Support Specialist II 5.0

Desiree recommends Stephanie to others  
13 hours ago

Stephanie was a pleasure! She was very professional!

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Jeremy M. | Systems Administrator 5.0

Jeremy recommends Stephanie to others  
2 days ago

So far so good. I've been looking for my first job in 10 years and I've had contact with numerous recruiters, Stephanie has been my favorite to the extent I want my wife to work with her as well.

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Steven K. | Associate Director - Availability Management Team 5.0

Steven recommends Stephanie to others  
4 days ago

It was my first contact with Stephanie, but we discussed a IT PM role. She was very helpful and offered some advice.

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Thirumal B. | DSB Engineer (Linux Administration & DevOps) 4.6

Thirumal recommends Stephanie to others  
1 week ago

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Ronan G. | Desktop Support Specialist 5.0

Ronan recommends Stephanie to others  
2 weeks ago

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Sean W. | Information Security Engineer 5.0

Sean recommends Stephanie to others  
3 weeks ago

You get a call from a recruiter, and you hear the same old script, and you repeat your own script that you created, while mumbling under your breath something different. As soon as that 1st sentence came from Stephanie's phone call, I could tell right away that she actually wanted to help me with this position! When I first started my job search, I became to realize that you will only hear from your recruiter maybe twice - I have learned in this time that this was also the natural ways of recruiters. I hear from Stephanie on every event that happens with my resume and what the potential employer wants, and knowing that, I will never walk into the lions den unprepared. I have more confidence in myself on this interview. Stephanie knows, I just wish everyone could enjoy this experience I am having right now - My point of view of recruiters has certainly changed. I may or may not get this position, but its because of Stephanie and her contagious excitement, that i am ok with the outcome because this has been such a fun joyride, I had almost forgotten we were looking for my next role. Stress has retired from this search - Thank you Stephanie

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Michael M. | Monitor 5.0

Michael recommends Stephanie to others  
1 month ago

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Samad H. | Data Engineer 5.0

Samad recommends Stephanie to others  
1 month ago

She has been great in all respects.

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