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Tamra Heinsch

Recruiter at TriCom Technical Services
4.78 (135 reviews)

92% of reviewers highly recommend Tamra.






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About Me

Recruiting since: 2017

TriCom Technical Services Birthdate: 03/06/2017

Born and raised in MN and blessed to live on one of our 10,000 lakes!

Why I love recruiting...

Helping others find their next career opportunity, improving their lives professionally and personally!

When I'm not working, I love to...

be on the lake with my family, even during the winter months!

Company Website:

Phone: 612-389-1082


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Recent Reviews

Patrick J. | UI/UX Designer 5.0

Patrick recommends Tamra to others  
10 months ago

Tamra is very personable and industry knowledgeable. We had a great time chatting about position at hand, but what really impressed me was the fact that you could tell she was genuinely interested in who I am as a person and what I am looking for.

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John-Anders P. | Independent contractor - Software Developer 5.0

John-Anders recommends Tamra to others  
1 year ago

Tamra asked good direct and pointed question relating in particular to my background . This helped me to see my resume primarily in the eyes of a potential hiring manager . Very helpful

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Brandon B. | Field Technician 5.0

Brandon recommends Tamra to others  
1 year ago

Tamra follows up with me quickly and provided a personal touch to her services that I’ve found many recruiters lack which helped put me at ease in what sometimes proves to be a stressful process. Thank you, Tamra.

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Brian P. | Service Delivery Manager 5.0

Brian recommends Tamra to others  
1 year ago

I loved working with Tamra, and will definitely reach out to her again when I need a recruiter!

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David T. | Senior Consultant Sierra 5.0

David recommends Tamra to others  
4 days ago

I don't give out high praise often especially re recruiters but Tamara was knowledgeable and professional.

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Ryan R. | Project Manager 4.6

Ryan recommends Tamra to others  
1 week ago

Tamra contacted me about a very niche but high paying job. She is always fast and clear with her communication and is never pushy. I would definitely recommend Tamra to someone looking for a job.

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Michael B. | Senior Developer 5.0

Michael recommends Tamra to others  
1 week ago

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Ali M. | Sr. Business Analyst/ Change Manager 5.0

Ali recommends Tamra to others  
1 week ago

Tamra was incredibly helpful with the entire process and took the time to understand my needs and ensured that the position was a right fit for me and vice versa. It was a pleasure speaking with her and I hope do build a good working relationship with her in the future.

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Kathy B. | Senior Business Systems Analyst 5.0

Kathy recommends Tamra to others  
1 week ago

Tamra took the extra effort to understand the type of job I am looking to ensure my next position will be a good fit.

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Paul H. | Senior SQL Server DBA 4.4

Paul recommends Tamra to others  
1 week ago

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Anne C. | Data Analyst 4.6

Anne recommends Tamra to others  
3 weeks ago

I really enjoyed speaking with Tamra. She was friendly, and professional, asking good questions, and I felt she really listened to my project and career interests. This all made for comfortable conversation, making our meeting fly by quickly.

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Dillon A. | IT/Helpdesk 5.0

Dillon recommends Tamra to others  
3 weeks ago

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Bradley D. | Technical Project Manager 5.0

Bradley recommends Tamra to others  
1 month ago

Tamra was great to speak with and I'm very excited about the possibility of using her experience and guidance as I look for a new position.

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Terry R. | System Programming 5.0

Terry recommends Tamra to others  
1 month ago

It was a pleasure working with Tamra, and I am very hopeful that she will help me in finding a position that will fit my skills.

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