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The McIntyre Group / Headquarters, CT

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Headquarters: Shelton, CT



The McIntyre Group operates under a system of principles that guides our approach to each and every engagement we make. Part employee handbook, part manifesto… The corporate glue that holds it all together; helping us focus more on what matters – the customer. We own this – from start to finish.

Our culture and values are the foundation for our success. We believe that if you leverage the environmental “pillars” in the right manner, it will root each of us in the way we conduct business (our “values”) – supporting the vision and decision making process within our organization.

Recent Reviews

Christopher M. | Customer Service Representative 5.0

Christopher recommends Elizabeth to others  
8 months ago

Elizabeth is a total Rockstar!!! She helped me with finding a job that is a complete dream to work at and provided a swift and easy transition from unemployment to hired

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Jayson R. | Candidate 5.0

Jayson recommends Elizabeth to others  
8 months ago

I have had a great experience working with Elizabeth. She is a very professional and personable individual who has helped me significantly. I highly recommend connecting with her.

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Rosario M. | Candidate 4.8

Rosario recommends Elizabeth to others  
9 months ago

Elizabeth has been great since first reaching out to her via a friend (and former coworker). She has shown to have my best interest in the whole process. She even reached out while on vacation to make sure I was ready to go my first day and then followup to see how I was doing. Overall, great experience and honor to work with such a caring recruiter like her.

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Maya G. | N/A 5.0

Maya recommends Elizabeth to others  
9 months ago

She was extremely helpful and easy to work with and found me the perfect job. Overall 10/10 experience and would definitely recommend to a friend.

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RACHAEL D. | Results-oriented marketing manager 5.0

RACHAEL recommends Emily to others  
10 months ago

Thank you for working with me on my job search and I look forward to starting my new career path. Your attention and follow up were so helpful in helping me reach my goals.

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Bernice E. | Candidate 4.2

Bernice recommends Emily to others  
11 months ago

I feel that Emily was very transparent when delivering the job description and kept positive throughout the process.

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April D. | Executive Assistant 5.0

April recommends Farah to others  
1 year ago

Farah has been a pleasure to work with in my job search. I appreciate how quickly she communicates with me on different roles and the tips she gave me on my resume. I look forward to our time working together!

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Joseph G. | Accounting Manager,Senior Financial Analyst,Sr Acc 4.2

Joseph recommends Scott to others  
2 years ago

Scott called me late on a Friday (on his way home) to notify me of a possible opportunity for me, so he could submit my resume to a client, who wants someone to start on Tuesday or Wednesday. For someone who is looking for work, this is much needed dedication.

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David S. | HR Specialist 5.0

David recommends Fallon to others  
2 years ago

Fallon was honest and open about the opportunity and how she saw me fitting the need. I don't think you can ask for much more than that.

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Connor S. | DATA ANALYST 5.0

Connor recommends Matt to others  
2 years ago

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Brooks G. | Candidate 5.0

Brooks recommends Scott to others  
2 years ago

Very helpful with suggestions both about my resume and how to present myself. If I know of anyone that is also in need of a new position, Scott will be the first person I will refer them to.

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Katherine M. | Executive Assistant 5.0

Katherine recommends Rebecca to others  
2 years ago

Rebecca is proffesionally patient and understanding! She has been very helpful and not pushy. She understands my circumstances and has great judgment. I always refer her to friends, especially moms who are like me and still want to have a taste of the work world. She the best!!!

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Ron S. | Candidate 5.0

Ron recommends Linda to others  
2 years ago

Energetic and amazingly friendly. Felt comfortable with her right away.

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Sharony S. | Administrative Assistant 5.0

Sharony recommends Elizabeth to others  
2 years ago

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Zachary M. | CompTIA IT Opeations Specialist 4.8

Zachary recommends Nicole to others  
2 years ago

Nicole has been great. She pushes resumes through quickly, provides loads of information on potential employers, and is very helpful with the process.

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Carla A. | Candidate 5.0

Carla recommends Farah to others  
2 years ago

Farah has been wonderful. Accessible, informative and really working for me.

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Jordan K. | Candidate 5.0

Jordan recommends Elizabeth to others  
2 years ago

Since graduating in May, Elizabeth has been the recruiter that has been most helpful. I have used others to get feelers out there, but none of them have been as understanding and willing to help like Elizabeth has been. I appreciate all the help she has been giving me throughout my job search.

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Elaine J. | Candidate 5.0

Elaine recommends Elizabeth to others  
2 years ago

Elizabeth has been amazing. She has already helped me land a position that I enjoyed and is already helping with a new position. Couldn’t ask for a better talent manager.

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Marsha D. | Candidate 5.0

Marsha recommends Elizabeth to others  
2 years ago

I enjoyed speaking with Elizabeth. She asked the right questions to get to know me professionally and encouraged me to be open about my career concerns.

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Michele S. | Candidate 5.0

Michele recommends Erica to others  
2 years ago

Erica has made this process very easy. She has responded to me during her time off and I greatly appreciated that.

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Courtney G. | Candidate 5.0

Courtney recommends Rebecca to others  
2 years ago

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Addison R. | Candidate 4.8

Addison recommends Elizabeth to others  
2 years ago

Elizabeth and I hit it off right away! She has always been extremely personable and understanding. I really feel as though she goes to bat for me when speaking to perspective jobs and really cares about my placements. Elizabeth is doing a fantastic job!

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Julianna D. | Candidate 4.8

Julianna recommends Peter to others  
2 years ago

I appreciate how honest Peter was when helping me with my job search. He gave me clear feedback on how to improve my resume and interview skills.

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Alexander Y. | Candidate 5.0

Alexander recommends Erin to others  
2 years ago

Erin is one of the best agents I have pleasure to work with. She is always on top of things, communicates, advises, delivers and follows through. I would recommend Erin to anyone who is looking for a job.

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Sheila S. | Candidate 4.8

Sheila recommends Brooke to others  
6 days ago

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Jason D. | Candidate 5.0

Jason recommends Jason to others  
3 weeks ago

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Selwyn M. | Sr. Oracle DB Engineer 4.4

Selwyn recommends Jason to others  
1 month ago

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