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Scott MacKinnon

Admin at Technical Connections
4.94 (26 total reviews)

100% of reviewers highly recommend Scott.






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About Me

Eclectic background focusing on assisting the nation’s tech community in building relationships with top-tier talent and assisting them in establishing career focused connections with a variety of national based clients. Companies encompass creative, unstructured environments as well as corporate arenas. Strong organizational and management skills while still maintaining excellent creative vision.

Self-proclaimed (and obvious) gadget accumulator and all round tinkerer with a strong belief that by loving technology, it will love you back.

Why I love recruiting...

People + Technology = Advancement. Just imagine where we will be in 50 years?

When I'm not working, I love to...

Live music feeds the soul.

Company Website:

Phone: 310-873-5868


Recent Reviews - Past 12 months

4.98 (8 recent reviews)

Andy Q. | Senior Active Directory Engineer 5.0

Andy recommends Scott to others  
1 month ago

Scott is a true professional and I would also consider him a good friend. His advice and ability to take time to listen to me to what I had to say was very important to my job search. Any questions I had, Scott was there to answer them and lead the way to a great opportunity for me landing a great job. Scott and Cindi Feig at TCI LA are one of the best in the business.

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Phillip L. | PRODUCT MANAGER 3 5.0

Phillip recommends Scott to others  
2 months ago

He made it easy to be very open in conversation. The feedback was great and very direct.

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Maverick A. | Product Manager 5.0

Maverick recommends Scott to others  
6 months ago

Scott is awesome and would definitely recommend. He definitely has your best interest as well as the client's. He's very helpful and supportive throughout the whole process and beyond. 10/10.

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Gepff O. | Cloud Architect 5.0

Gepff recommends Scott to others  
9 months ago

Scott understands the needs of the client and the person placed forward! He takes the time to ask probing questions to ensure a good match on both sides!

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Ken L. | Senior UX Designer 5.0

Ken recommends Scott to others  
9 months ago

Scott has been the most diligent and responsive person in the recruiting space I have met. He always gave great advice to set me up for success.

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Dustin B. | VP of IT 5.0

Dustin recommends Scott to others  
9 months ago

Very attentive, knowledgeable, understanding, and goes above and beyond to help guide me through this process. He has given me helpful insight and makes me feel more at ease during my search. Great rapport.

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Sabrina K. | Associate product manager 5.0

Sabrina recommends Scott to others  
10 months ago

Scott and his team reached out to me for the role that I’ve been in now for the last two years and I couldn’t be happier. It was a match made in occupational heaven. Thanks for helping me find such a great job, Scott!

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John H. | Frontend Developer 4.8

John recommends Scott to others  
8 months ago

Before I switched to tech, I was an attorney for 10 years. Both industries are saturated with recruiters, so I have seen my fair share. Scott is the best I have come across so far. Anyone can slap on a suit and call themselves a recruiter. I cannot think of any industry with a lower barrier to entry. 99% of these guys are pitching consultancy gigs or contract work for the finance and e-commerce sectors. It's hard to find one who can actually put you up for a full-time position with a real tech company. Scott can do that. He has a knack for professionalism and presentation, watches what he says, and articulates well. That's the person you want dropping your resume on an employer's desk. And that's probably why the organization I just interviewed with is a step up from where I'm coming from. If you need more convincing, take a look at the guy's LinkedIn. His recruiting days predate the Great Recession. I graduated from law school in 2009, and after about 300 carefully targeted resumes I finally got a job paying half what new patent attorneys made in ordinary times. But if us lawyers had it bad, for recruiters it was the apocalypse. Only the best of them made it through that particular stretch of time in one piece. The rest just sort of faded out of existence.

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