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Spark Talent Acquisition / Spark Talent Acquisition, MI

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Company Overview

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Headquarters: Troy, MI



Founded in 2013, Spark Talent Acquisition is a Michigan-headquartered recruiting and staffing organization that connects great talent with great employers. We understand that finding a new position can be stressful and identifying top talent can be challenging. For us to maximize successful placement and retention, we start by listening to and understanding each of our client’s individual needs. We believe in face-to-face interaction and having a solid understanding of our client’s business before placement. We pride ourselves in team development and creating a culture of accountability. This mindset not only matches our purpose as an organization, but drives a more efficient, effective workforce. It also helps us to match candidates with the right company. Our goal is not to connect candidates based off skill set alone, but also with the culture of the organization, including shared values and intangibles. Our commitment to 24-7 availability sets us apart. Staffing and Recruiting is a full-time responsibility and we are dedicated to accommodating any shift need that may arise.

Our purpose, at the highest level, is to create opportunities for others. As an organization, our mission is to create 100,000 annual opportunities across the nation! We operate in the recruiting industry, but we are in the people development business. That is what our organization is all about - The development of our teams, and ourselves.

"We help PEOPLE grow!"​

Our Core Values:

1. Leading by example isn’t just a way, it’s the ONLY way!
2. Do the right thing
3. Conquering adversity is the recipe to success
4. Be humble. Crave improvement
5. We are people driven and service focused
6. Dominate the day, don’t let the day dominate you!
7. Find a way to deliver value
8. Mindset is the foundation of excellence


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Spark Talent Acquisition

901 Wilshire Drive
Suite 585
Troy, MI 48084
United States

Spark Packaging

50. W Big Beaver Rd
Suite 320
TROY, MI 48084
United States

Spark Talent Acquisition

901 Wilshire Dr
Suite 585
Troy, MI 48084
United States