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Here at RedStream we're all about placing the right people in the right positions, not just filling a quota. We listen to both the client and candidate's needs and ensure the entire process is a conversation, not just a transaction. We know there are people on the other end of these jobs, and we never treat candidates or clients as a commodity.

It's not a success until both our client and candidate are happy. Let us help you find success, no matter which side of the process you're on.

Recent Reviews

Victoria G. | Assistant Podcast Producer 4.4

Victoria recommends Ryan to others  
1 week ago

I'm still very early in the stages with Ryan representing me to the client but he has been extremely transparent and communicative. I appreciate his timely responses and follow-ups. He was great to speak with on our first call and I feel confident knowing that he is advocating for me in the talent pool for the role I am interested in.

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Salvatore M. | Infrastructure Engineer 4.8

Salvatore recommends Steve to others  
2 weeks ago

Steve is a fantastic communicator. Also, very knowledgeable in the IT space. He made me feel right at home and has been updating me as the process moves along. Steve is very polite and an awesome guy to talk with.

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Cheyenne M. | Program Manager for Executive Leadership Training 4.4

Cheyenne recommends Sean to others  
2 weeks ago

Sean reached out via LinkedIn to set up an initial call. We discussed the position and company and he showed genuine excitement about the company and position he was describing. Sean was extremely helpful in describing the pros and cons of a contract position as well as helping to set an initial fair hourly wage.

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Dallan R. | Head of Product 4.4

Dallan recommends Ryan to others  
3 weeks ago

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Terence T. | Network Engineer 5.0

Terence recommends Sean to others  
3 weeks ago

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Laura G. | Technical Writer 5.0

Laura recommends Steve to others  
3 weeks ago

Steve was a breath a fresh air in a world of recruiters who lack both professional courtesy and smarts. Steve was spot on in finding me for a technical writer gig - kudos to him for actually paying attention to both his client's needs AND the potential candidate's skill set. It honestly was a "perfect match" in every way. I would work again with Steve in a heartbeat. He is top of class!

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Deanna W. | IT Business Analyst 5.0

Deanna recommends Ryan to others  
3 weeks ago

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Teri R. | Digital Editor 5.0

Teri recommends Renee to others  
2 weeks ago

Renee really understood the position and my particular skill set and capabilities. I felt she advocated for me and was a great representative for the client’s needs. All that and a cherry disposition as well. What a pleasure…

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Maria C. | Digital Editor 5.0

Maria recommends Ryan to others  
1 month ago

Ryan is proactive and communicative. I feel that he is an advocate for me.

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Elizabeth R. | Head of Collaboration 5.0

Elizabeth recommends Steve to others  
1 month ago

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