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Birkin Torres

Recruiter at Loyal Source Government Services
4.75 (107 reviews)

96% of reviewers highly recommend Birkin.






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Recent Reviews

Amy R. | Candidate 5.0

Amy recommends Birkin to others  
5 months ago

She was amazing!!! Responded fast and always kept me notified on latest news with the job. She is very professional and kind. An absolute pleasure to work with

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Sally S. | Therapist 4.8

Sally recommends Birkin to others  
5 days ago

Very friendly and courteous. She answered my calls/emails in a timely manner.

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Maria D. | - 5.0

Maria recommends Birkin to others  
1 week ago

I knew about Birkin last month through other LCSW position with LS. I happened to call Birkin just for orientation regarding a notification I received from someone else within LS, and here I am already hired and ready to take the exciting journey with LS. THX Birkin

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Jose G. | Legal Assistant 5.0

Jose recommends Birkin to others  
1 week ago

She is great and does her job very well. The Guidance was superb and very responsive to my needs. I am very grateful.

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Guadalupe Flores V. | Candidate 5.0

Guadalupe Flores recommends Birkin to others  
1 week ago

Birkin made me feel that I was worth the investment through her kindness and professionalism. I didn't feel that I needed a job; rather, I felt that my experience and expertise was needed. I felt I had something worthy to contribute.

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Virginia G. | counselor associate 5.0

Virginia recommends Birkin to others  
1 week ago

Birkin has been very informative throughout initial contact, interview, and follow-up. She was professional, friendly, and responded to all my questions. She really made all of this a smooth process.

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Olga D. | Director of Operations 5.0

Olga recommends Birkin to others  
1 week ago

She has such a great personality! Every time I would reach out, she was available and helped me answer all my questions. I appreciate her understanding a patience.

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Ana Jazmin U. | Master in Social Work Intern Therapist 5.0

Ana Jazmin recommends Birkin to others  
1 week ago

Birkin was very helpful and approachable. She has very attentive to my questions and answers in a timely manner.

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Jessica P. | Clinician 5.0

Jessica recommends Birkin to others  
1 week ago

Birkin is an excellent recruiter! She addressed all my questions thoroughly, which makes me feel excited about this new opportunity. I would definitely recommend Loyal Source Government Services to colleagues.

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Robert R. | Mobile Crisis Counselor 5.0

Robert recommends Birkin to others  
1 week ago

Birkin is a great communicator she took the time to explain the job details and other important components of the opportunity. She's someone easy to get along with and someone to rely on for prompt responses and support.

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Daniel A. | Candidate 5.0

Daniel recommends Birkin to others  
2 weeks ago

Was very friendly informative and very professional

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