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Stephen Barrett

Recruiter at Loyal Source Government Services
4.85 (40 reviews)

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About Me

I am a travel healthcare recruiter for Loyal Source Travel Nursing seeking to bring the most beneficial opportunities possible to nurses nationwide! As a UCF alumni with a degree in Human Communications, I put a strong emphasis on relationship building with my nurses.

Why I love recruiting...

I enjoy finding opportunities for nurses and healthcare professionals that fit their needs and desires. Whether it be location, pay, or overall customer service, I strive to provide my nurses with the support they need in a such a busy industry.

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Phone: 407-652-0165


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Recent Reviews

Jessica N. | Candidate 5.0

Jessica recommends Stephen to others  
6 days ago

From first contact Stephen has been a game changer! I’ve been waiting for recruiters to contact me from other agencies for over two weeks & with the extremely high demand for RNs d/t the pandemic One would think a f/u call would be immediate. Stephen submitted me & I have contract in less than 48 hrs! Stephen is detailed, knowledgeable in regards to the positions & facilities, the verbatim matches my contract & he even worked on getting my friend & I at same facility. Traveling can be hard alone so that was such a kind gesture. Stephen is reachable & responds in a very timely manner. Thank you Stephen for all you have done for me.

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Wyndell b. | Intensive Care Unit Nurse (ICU Nurse) 5.0

Wyndell recommends Stephen to others  
9 months ago

Stephen is a hard worker, accessible, and has been great through the entire process. I look forward to many future endeavors together!

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Sharita C. | Surgical Technologist 5.0

Sharita recommends Stephen to others  
10 months ago

Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful

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Krystal M. | Candidate 5.0

Krystal recommends Stephen to others  
10 months ago

Steven is extremely helpful with all avenue's of the travel nurse process. I recently decided traveling was an option i wanted to pursue. He made this transition flow with ease, knowledge and professionalism. Thank you Steven!

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DeErica W. | Candidate 3.6

DeErica recommends Stephen to others  
1 day ago

Friendly and straight to the point. Reapplies to email within timely manner

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Dipa G. | Registered nurse 5.0

Dipa recommends Stephen to others  
6 days ago

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Donald R. | Candidate 5.0

Donald recommends Stephen to others  
1 week ago

Steven listened to my questions and concerns and gave me honest feedback, he wasn’t about pushing his ideas and job prospect on me

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Esequiel S. | Floorhand 5.0

Esequiel recommends Stephen to others  
4 days ago

Friendly, prompt and timely.

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Hector Z. | Registered Nurse (RN) 4.6

Hector recommends Stephen to others  
6 days ago

Stephen was great. He was very professional, provided many offers and did not make me feel rushed into making a decision. Excellent recruiter

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Tyler G. | Candidate 5.0

Tyler recommends Stephen to others  
1 week ago

Stephen is always honest he always gets the answers to any questions. He is a fast responder and works to get you what you ask for

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Rochelle N. | Candidate 4.6

Rochelle recommends Stephen to others  
1 week ago

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Chrisenta V. | Registered nurse 3.6

Chrisenta recommends Stephen to others  
2 weeks ago

responsive and helpful, down to business.

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Sonya Z. | Registered Nurse Charge Nurse 5.0

Sonya recommends Stephen to others  
4 weeks ago

He gets the job done! helped me out with every step I needed to take to complete my requirements for my travel assignment.

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Makasha W. | RN ER 5.0

Makasha recommends Stephen to others  
1 month ago

Stephen was very helpful and understanding. He has explored all options and explained in great detail everything.

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