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Ian Machicote

Recruiter at Loyal Source Government Services
4.8 (81 reviews)

99% of reviewers highly recommend Ian.






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Jimmy J. | Network Engineer SME 5.0

Jimmy recommends Ian to others  
1 year ago

Honest and transparent recruiter.

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JOSEPH M. | Cable Technician 5.0

JOSEPH recommends Ian to others  
1 year ago

Ian is very professional an organized. This is something that I look for in a recruiter and when looking for a new job. He also got back with me very quickly with the response which I really appreciate.

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Melissa K. | Mission Integration Coordinator 4.2

Melissa recommends Ian to others  
1 year ago

I felt very confident with Ian. He's friendly as well as straight to the point. He did not make me feel inferior, and only encouraged. I would recommend working with Ian for career searching.

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John L. | Candidate 3.8

John recommends Ian to others  
1 year ago

He is working really hard to get me back to work and has maintained contact throughout. I appreciate his efforts greatly, good guy to have on your side.

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Rebecca L. | Cable Technician 5.0

Rebecca recommends Ian to others  
1 year ago

His understanding of field requirements needed for clients to technician is exceptional

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Mark N. | Candidate 4.2

Mark recommends Ian to others  
1 day ago

First time dealing with Ian. I'm the knid of guy, get right to the point, what do you have to offer me. How soon will it start, pay and what are the next steps. I got him an updated resume and he has submitted to the next level for qualificiation befroe it goes to the client. Ian seems new but is doing a great job.

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Felipe F. | Level 3 Install & Service Technician - Service Sup 5.0

Felipe recommends Ian to others  
5 days ago

Ian brought a whole new level towards the way i feel about recruits and having a middle man during my search for the best placement in my field. Normally I wouldn't need this type of help. But Ian is hands down great experience so far

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Robert K. | Project Manager 5.0

Robert recommends Ian to others  
2 weeks ago

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Craig J. | Candidate 5.0

Craig recommends Ian to others  
2 weeks ago

My experience working with Ian has certainly been very positive. He has communicated to me very clearly the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of the subject available job opportunity. I have really appreciated his willingness to be candid and straightforward with his presentation of the position as well as with his responses to my inquiries about the position. It was refreshing to me to be communicating with someone about something as important as my proffesional future, with an individual who is for real!

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Dylan M. | General Maintenance Worker 4.6

Dylan recommends Ian to others  
2 weeks ago

Ian has shown legitimate knowledge for the position that was being offered and answered any questions that I have

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Tim M. | Lead Electronic Security Technician 5.0

Tim recommends Ian to others  
3 weeks ago

Ian has been great. We have discussed the positions he has available with his clients and I believe has set me up the best fit. He has gotten a video interview set with the client tomorrow.

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Argenis P. | Logistics Specialist 5.0

Argenis recommends Ian to others  
1 month ago

Ian is the best answered every question and always follows up

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Julian C. | Project Supervisor/Warehouse Specialist 5.0

Julian recommends Ian to others  
1 month ago

Ian was great. Very knowledgeable and professional. He responds right away and wastes no time when it comes to getting you an interview. He demonstrated thorough knowledge on each of the job titles and was able to explain them pretty well as well as answering all of the questions I had with no hesitation. I highly recommend using him if you want to get in contact with any government employers.

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Trayvon W. | Armed Security Officer 5.0

Trayvon recommends Ian to others  
1 month ago

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Elvire M. | Technical Support Representative 5.0

Elvire recommends Ian to others  
2 months ago

He was such a wonderful, pleasant person to talk with and extremely knowledgeable about the job.

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