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Carrie Cherkinsky

Recruiter at Loyal Source Government Services
4.81 (229 reviews)

98% of reviewers highly recommend Carrie.






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About Me

Recruiting since: 2017

Loyal Source Government Services Birthdate: 06/19/2017

I was born in Michigan but raised in South Florida. I went to school at the University of Florida and earned a degree in Political Science. I am die hard GATOR fan! I also have a Master's degree in Hospitality from the University of Central Florida. While in Orlando, I managed bars, restaurants and hotels. Because of the long hours, I transitioned into recruiting.

Why I love recruiting...

I am very lucky that I get to recruit for the Department of Defense and Homeland Security. My brother went to the Air Force Academy and served in the Air Force so working with the Armed Forces really means a lot to me.

When I'm not working, I love to...

Hang out with my dog Jameson, watch sports, drink wine and hang out at the beach.

Company Website:

Phone: 407-815-2052


Can I Help You?

Roles I recruit for: EMT Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

Areas I recruit In: Nationwide

Recent Reviews

Cashmere M. | Registered Nurse 5.0

Cashmere recommends Carrie to others  
9 months ago

She gave details and answered all of my questions. She was very kind and transparent about the position.

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Dee-Anna S. | Registered Nurse 5.0

Dee-Anna recommends Carrie to others  
9 months ago

Carrie is very personable and knowledgeable. She is extremely helpful. She has a great attitude. I've enjoyed working with her and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.

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Emily recommends Carrie to others  
10 months ago

Carrie has responded quickly to my questions and I really appreciate recently I had sent her several questions in an email and she responded back not only quickly, but she answered every one of the questions I had. (Often when several questions are asked, I find that people will answer only a fraction of the questions which can be frustrating).

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Samson B. | Officer 5.0

Samson recommends Carrie to others  
11 months ago

Miss Carrie, is very knowledgeable and professional . She went above and beyond. I am very happy every thing she did for me. She has what it takes to be leader . The Loyal Source GV service very great full to have her as staff member. God bless her and her family.God bless USA. V/ R SB.Thanks

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Laura C. | Substance Abuse Counselor 5.0

Laura recommends Carrie to others  
1 year ago

Carrie was and is still great. I have a 3 month process to go through before I'm officially hired however, Carrie is quick to keep me informed as well as responding to my messages. I give her a high five!😊 I will recommend her when I know anyone looking for a job!!

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CATHY S. | Family Nurse Practitioner 5.0

CATHY recommends Carrie to others  
1 year ago

Carrie was very open to questions about the position, and other opportunities in the area. When she did not have the information she was able to refer me to another individual that had the information. She made me feel very comfortable and was knowledgeable about the company.

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Judith W. | Family Nurse Practitioner 5.0

Judith recommends Carrie to others  
1 year ago

Carrie is a good listener. She answered honestly and then appropriately deferred to questions that she was unsure of. Called as scheduled, honored my time.

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Jennifer M. | LPN 5.0

Jennifer recommends Carrie to others  
4 days ago

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Deborah C. | License Type RN 5.0

Deborah recommends Carrie to others  
1 week ago

Carrie is awesome. I have never had anyone show as much compassion to me as she did. She was always making sure that she followed up with me about the job prospects. I am elated to be working with her and look forward to our future together.

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Jose M. | Candidate 5.0

Jose recommends Carrie to others  
1 week ago

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Alexia T. | Testing Site Specialist 5.0

Alexia recommends Carrie to others  
2 weeks ago

Carrie is an excellent recruiter, she provided me with all the information I needed and answered every question I had.

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JOHN H. | Student Nurse / Clinical Rotations 5.0

JOHN recommends Carrie to others  
3 weeks ago

Very calm and took her time to explain everything in detail 😊. Answered every question I had and was very knowledgeable about her responses!

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SARAH M. | Physician Assistant - Family Practice 3.8

SARAH recommends Carrie to others  
3 weeks ago

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Sofia C. | Dispatcher/emt Basic 5.0

Sofia recommends Carrie to others  
1 month ago

She was super easy to talk with, offered a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere which I'm thankful for and answered all my questions on the spot.

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Natalie H. | Physician Assistant 4.0

Natalie recommends Carrie to others  
1 month ago

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Liban O. | Candidate 5.0

Liban recommends Carrie to others  
4 weeks ago

Carrie and the team has been very clear with me and understood all the process for the job offer and its descriptions.

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Victoria K. | Nurse Practitioner 5.0

Victoria recommends Carrie to others  
1 month ago

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