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Kore1 / Kore1, CA

4.59 (2537 reviews)

93% highly recommend Kore1 recruiters


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Headquarters: Irvine, California



KORE1 is a leading provider of recruiting and staffing solutions for businesses. We specialize in various resource delivery models, including projects, on-site team-based, off-site team-based and staffing on a Contract, Contract-to-Hire, and Direct Hire basis.We also offer Payroll Services to companies of all sizes.

We invite you to experience the difference working with KORE1 can make.

Recent Reviews

Milan Z. | Scrum Master 5.0

Milan recommends Jenny to others  
2 years ago

I want to continue working with Jenny even if this opportunity doesn't work out for me. I would highly recommend her to my colleagues.

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Marisa D. | Event Services Coordinator 4.2

Marisa recommends Katie to others  
2 years ago

I appreciate the follow-up from Katie and her colleagues. So far so good. I also like the instant text messages. It is a great touch to be informed just in case I may not have checked my email as of yet. Continue to rock!

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Jeff F. | Web Developer r 5.0

Jeff recommends Abby to others  
2 years ago

Abby got me in contact with the hiring manager so quickly! In less than I week she was able to make a connection and get me in for an in person interview! Would recommend

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Philip P. | Sr Full Stack Developer 4.8

Philip recommends Erik to others  
2 years ago

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William A. | Unix/Linux Administrator 5.0

William recommends Dave to others  
1 day ago

He's great. We discussed the job description

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Tony D. | Client Implementation Project Manager 5.0

Tony recommends Jenny to others  
1 day ago

Out of all my experiences with recruiters and talent acquisition, Jenny has set a new bar. Coming from a Project Management mindset as my skillset, Jenny is incredibly organized, clear, concise, and supportive/guiding. Her guidance has been invaluable to me. Her transparency and care comes across strongly in my perspective. I truly feel she has understood my needs, wishes, and strengths/weaknesses within the candidacy vetting process. Her work and effort has set the tone for me in representing Kore1. Because of this, I would not hesitate to work with/partner with Kore1 on future opportunities, should this current one I am being presented for, not pan out. With all my gratitude, thanks to Jenny!

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Sylviane G. | Director of Presentation Design 5.0

Sylviane recommends Taryn to others  
10 hours ago

I've worked with many recruiters/placement agencies, both general and specialized to the design sector, and Taryn's level of professionalism and excellence really stood out. Taryn asks excellent questions, is very responsive, and presents information clearly and concisely in conversation and in writing. The details she shared were very helpful in preparation for the interview. In addition to being very skilled at her craft, Taryn's upbeat personality make her a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Taryn as a top tier recruiter.

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Shruthi B. | Sr Java Engineer 5.0

Shruthi recommends Jim to others  
1 day ago

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Sherry P. | Closing Manager 5.0

Sherry recommends Taryn to others  
1 day ago

Taryn was excellent to work with as she walked me through each step of the interview process, she has a welcoming personality and makes you feel at ease. Based upon my experience Taryn is a fantastic recruiter

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Shay B. | Director of Presentation Design 4.8

Shay recommends Taryn to others  
1 day ago

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Sajmira K. | Payroll Specialist 5.0

Sajmira recommends Reha to others  
12 hours ago

Reha is an excellent recruiter. He follows up, is very caring and a great listener. He matches the job to your needs and is his communications skills are awesome. He is very professional and yet very down to earth. I am so grateful he found my resume because people like him are needed during this difficult times of pandemic.

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Raymond F. | Medical Records Representative 5.0

Raymond recommends Katie to others  
1 day ago

First and foremost Katie makes communication via email or telephonically stress free and very comfortable. Due the pandemic situation going on today it is a strenuous situation for job searching. Practicing in a professional conduct she managed to have a professional laid back demeanor, which made it easier for me communicate from my professional stand point. For the record I was extremely nervous, however I managed to gain back the strong confidence I've created in the passed. Katie's knowledge of her job detail was spot on and made it for a soothing experience to communicate job history comfortably. The accuracy and determination on getting me a response for the position she contacted me for was very precise. I received a response from Access Hope within few days, had an interview and will know by the end of the week if I am the selected candidate. Extremely appreciated. In conclusion I would like to point out the comfortability that Miss Katie Motano can provide in the world of job searching. Miss Katie Montano is a value to the job searching community and is a true master of her craft.

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Matthew S. | Business Analyst 4.6

Matthew recommends Erik to others  
1 day ago

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Kelvin B. | Software Engineer 4.6

Kelvin recommends Jenny to others  
1 day ago

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Industries Served

  • Scientific and Clinical Research
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Digital & Creative
  • Information Technology



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Ste 150
Irvine, California 92618
United States