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4.58 (1996 reviews)

92% highly recommend Kore1 recruiters


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Headquarters: Irvine, California



KORE1 is a leading provider of recruiting and staffing solutions for businesses. We specialize in various resource delivery models, including projects, on-site team-based, off-site team-based and staffing on a Contract, Contract-to-Hire, and Direct Hire basis.We also offer Payroll Services to companies of all sizes.

We invite you to experience the difference working with KORE1 can make.

Recent Reviews

Milan Z. | Scrum Master 5.0

Milan recommends Jenny to others  
1 year ago

I want to continue working with Jenny even if this opportunity doesn't work out for me. I would highly recommend her to my colleagues.

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Marisa D. | Event Services Coordinator 4.2

Marisa recommends Katie to others  
1 year ago

I appreciate the follow-up from Katie and her colleagues. So far so good. I also like the instant text messages. It is a great touch to be informed just in case I may not have checked my email as of yet. Continue to rock!

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Jeff F. | Web Developer r 5.0

Jeff recommends Abby to others  
1 year ago

Abby got me in contact with the hiring manager so quickly! In less than I week she was able to make a connection and get me in for an in person interview! Would recommend

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Philip P. | Sr Full Stack Developer 4.8

Philip recommends Erik to others  
1 year ago

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Myra T. | Technical Support Specialist 5.0

Myra recommends Mona to others  
19 hours ago

I have had a great experience with Mona. She has been very transparent and has always been responsive to my questions. Very easy to work with and highly professional.

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Lilia C. | Technical LoA Specialist 5.0

Lilia recommends Abby to others  
21 hours ago

Abby is great, organized, and reliable. Abby contacted me right after I spoke to Arumugam Thanesh. She and Tyler assisted me in setting up the virtual interview with Kelly Dunmore. My experience with Abby has been wonderful from the first contact to making the offer.

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Jim L. | Supply Chain Manager 5.0

Jim recommends Jim to others  
23 hours ago

Jim was friendly, professional and knowledgeable with my needs and the company's. Very polished.

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Ieasha M. | REMOTE Mortgage Underwriter 5.0

Ieasha recommends Daniel to others  
1 day ago

Daniel made everything a smooth transition, thank you.

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Hau L. | C# Developer 5.0

Hau recommends Angela to others  
18 hours ago

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Diego S. | Fullstack Architect 5.0

Diego recommends Jim to others  
1 day ago

I've known Jim for 4 years now. He placed me as well as brought quality candidates for hire. Highly recommended. What I like about Jim is that he won't waste your time. If he has the right opportunity for you he will make it work one way or another.

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Armando G. | Mobility Specialist 4.6

Armando recommends Erik to others  
11 hours ago

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Mike M. | Marketing 5.0

Mike recommends Jenny to others  
5 days ago

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Emre A. | QA Engineer 5.0

Emre recommends Tara to others  
1 week ago

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Ram N. | Fullstack Architect 5.0

Ram recommends Jim to others  
1 week ago

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Job Seekers Who Highly Recommend Kore1 Recruiters.



Industries Served

  • Scientific and Clinical Research
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Digital & Creative
  • Information Technology



530 Technology
Ste 150
Irvine, California 92618
United States