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KORE1 is a leading provider of recruiting and staffing solutions for businesses. We specialize in various resource delivery models, including projects, on-site team-based, off-site team-based and staffing on a Contract, Contract-to-Hire, and Direct Hire basis.We also offer Payroll Services to companies of all sizes.

We invite you to experience the difference working with KORE1 can make.

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Jeff F. | Web Developer r 5.0

Jeff recommends Abby to others  
1 year ago

Abby got me in contact with the hiring manager so quickly! In less than I week she was able to make a connection and get me in for an in person interview! Would recommend

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Marisa D. | Event Services Coordinator 4.2

Marisa recommends Katie to others  
1 year ago

I appreciate the follow-up from Katie and her colleagues. So far so good. I also like the instant text messages. It is a great touch to be informed just in case I may not have checked my email as of yet. Continue to rock!

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Milan Z. | Scrum Master 5.0

Milan recommends Jenny to others  
1 year ago

I want to continue working with Jenny even if this opportunity doesn't work out for me. I would highly recommend her to my colleagues.

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Philip P. | Sr Full Stack Developer 4.8

Philip recommends Erik to others  
1 year ago

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Purna G. | Senior Java Engineer 4.0

Purna recommends Jim to others  

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Eric G. | Lead Software Engineer 5.0

Eric recommends Dave to others  
3 days ago

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Ruslan K. | Sr. Backend Java Engineer 5.0

Ruslan recommends Jenny to others  
6 days ago

Jenny provided me with detailed description not only about position opened, but gave me a lot of info about a company, its history, its business etc.

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Ruslan K. | Senior Java Engineer 5.0

Ruslan recommends Jim to others  
6 days ago

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Rachel N. | Technician 5.0

Rachel recommends Ben to others  
3 days ago

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Nima K. | Sr. Software Engineer 5.0

Nima recommends Mona to others  
6 days ago

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Mohammad A. | Lean Manufacturing Manager 5.0

Mohammad recommends Angela to others  
1 day ago

It was great to work with Angela

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Matthew H. | Technical Writer 5.0

Matthew recommends Mona to others  
6 days ago

We are in a very strange time with self isolation. Mona has arranged 1 telephone interview and 1 video interview for me. She has given me detailed information about the client. It helped me tailor my answers to interview questions and the information she provided helped me relax.

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Marty C. | QC Technician I 5.0

Marty recommends Logan to others  
1 week ago

Logan was a pleasure to communicate with.

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Joanna W. | HR/ Talent Development Analyst 5.0

Joanna recommends Jim to others  
6 days ago

Jim is extremely professional and you get the feeling that he actually cares. He follows up, even if there is no official update from the company. He keeps you in the loop and he knows his information on the company he is representing you. I would recommend Jim to anyone I know looking for a job. Keep up the great work!

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