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iSphere Innovation Partners

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Smart, Fun, Get the Job Done IT Professionals

Performance excellence and client partnership. These two unwavering principles define iSphere as an IT services firm. Texas-based and results focused, iSphere supports mission-critical business goals through IT consulting and provides bright, diligent team members through IT staffing.

Founded in 2000, iSphere is a proud and long-time partner to numerous businesses across the energy, energy and financial trading, healthcare, education and government sectors. The clients we began with years ago are still clients today because they know iSphere will deliver every time. And we do.

Recent Reviews

Rodney B. | Managing Director 4.8

1 year ago

Janet is an amazing recruiter who not only understands the needs of the client but also those of the candidates she interacts with. She was genuine and patient in regard to clarifying any questions or concerns that I had and on a number of occasions went the extra mile to get questions answered for me or other information that I may not have been clear on. Janet is clearly a highly-skilled recruiter and I feel very fortunate to have cross paths with her as she was instrumental and helping me secure the next step in my career. I OWE HER BIGTIME!!

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Clarence C. | Senior Systems Engineer 5.0

Clarence recommends Julie to others  
1 year ago

Of the many talent agents/recruiting professionals I have worked with (over the past two decades), Julie has been the most committed, professional, personable, candid, and virtuous. While I realise this review is only reflective of my experience with Julie, I feel more than comfortable asserting her commitment to a candidate’s success is genuine; illustrated by consistent efforts to match her candidate with the best-suited opportunity in more ways than simply reviewing their qualifications and coordinating interviews. To-date, Julie is the best example of a talent acquisition specialist.

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Tejinder S. | Desktop Support 5.0

Tejinder recommends Jill to others  
1 year ago

Jill is very professional and always keep me updated from start to finish. She always there to answer any questions you have.

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Michael R. | .Net 5.0

Michael recommends Fernando to others  
2 years ago

I work with a lot of recruiters. What stands out about Fernando is I get the sense he cares about the people he works for.

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Jeff W. | Data Analyst 5.0

Jeff recommends Julie to others  
2 years ago

Working with Julie has been great. She has been diligent in determining if my skill set matches with the required skill set of the position that she is working to fill. I appreciate her thoroughness, especially in keeping me informed on where the client is at in the decision making process. I would not hesitate to refer Julie to a friend or colleague.

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Victor V. | It support 5.0

Victor recommends Jill to others  
1 day ago

Jill is great at her job. I will recommend Jill to anyone I know who is currently looking for a new position.

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Kelli M. | Systems Engineer 5.0

Kelli recommends Jill to others  
1 day ago

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Victor N. | Senior Desktop Analyst 5.0

Victor recommends Julie to others  
1 week ago

Julie is wonderful and pleasant to work with.

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Syed H. | Level III Support 5.0

Syed recommends Jill to others  
2 weeks ago

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Debra W. | Analyst 5.0

Debra recommends Jill to others  
2 weeks ago

I appreciate that Jill helps prepare to meet the client and build that relationship to gain the position. She was helpful before, and I'm excited to be working with her again.

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Kristina D. | Data Analyst 5.0

Kristina recommends Fernando to others  
2 weeks ago

Fernando sent me a message on LinkedIn about a position as a data analyst. At the time I was actually working. I notified him when I was no longer working, and he instantly got to work. Within four days, I had the salary they would pay, the company name, the expected work, and the name of the supervisor at the job. I am very impressed with Fernando and his group. This is the best experience I have had with a recruitment service. Within 1 week, I got the offer to work and I am very happy.

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Michael A. | Senior Project Manager 5.0

Michael recommends Julie to others  
2 weeks ago

Julie has been great through the whole process, and along with Tommy, the account manager, set the appropriate expectations, made sure I was fully informed, handled with skill an issue we both had with the reference company to my satisfaction, and used both her intuitive skills and skills learned while in her former career, to ensure all parties were up to date, briefed, etc. More importantly, she showed her human side, and the care for all sides. No matter what the end result is with the client, I would highly recommend Julie in the future.

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Shalom A. | DevopsEngineer 4.6

Shalom recommends Jill to others  
3 weeks ago

Awesome feedback and excellent communication

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Robert M. | N/A 5.0

Robert recommends Jill to others  
3 weeks ago

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Angela T. | Project Manager 5.0

Angela recommends Jill to others  
3 weeks ago

Jill is very thorough and cares about her candidates. She is very sharp.

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