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iPlace is about performance, process, getting results, and treating our high growth clients and employees as partners in our business. We have worked with hundreds of staffing firms and thousands of corporations over the past ten years. Because of our vast experience, we advise our clients on best strategies and apply data analytics for optimizing performance. We specialize in VMS recruiting and have relationships with many MSPs, as well as in filling senior contract and direct hire positions using passive sourcing techniques in addition to job boards and LinkedIn.

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Edward R. | Operator 5.0

Edward recommends Palak to others  
2 years ago

She is very kind very well spoken and I wish she was here to help people in USA great expertise and recruiter I wish there were more women like her she make everything in my experience perfect scale one through five she is a 10

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Fredrick M. | Manufacturing Engineer 5.0

Fredrick recommends Kenneth to others  
1 year ago

Kenneth is a big asset to your company and I hope your management recognizes this. He called me and followed up in a very timely and professional manner, explaining the job and requirements. I am confident that my potential employment with the company discussed, is in the best hands possible. Fred Molnar

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Tamara W. | HEDIS Coordinator 4.6

Tamara recommends Roma to others  
2 years ago

Roma is very professional, it was great to work with her. She was always available and made the process seems very easy. I'll definitely recommend her.

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Nancy V. | RN BSN 5.0

Nancy recommends Alice to others  
1 year ago

Alice was very knowledgeable about the position and of my needs as far as what I am looking for. The lines of communication remain open so if there is another position available I know she will contact me to discuss that position. Thank for contacting me.

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Phil S. | Sr. Industrial Hygiene Engineer 5.0

Phil recommends Sandhya to others  
1 year ago

She was very pleasant and patient on the phone. She understood what the client needed. It was a pleasure speaking with her.

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Joel S. | No job title 5.0

Joel recommends Teena to others  
3 days ago

Teena, was very informative and I look forward to hear from her again once the customer agrees to an interview.

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Steven R. | Sales Executive 5.0

Steven recommends Teena to others  
3 days ago

Very positive experience

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Theophilus O. | SITE MANAGER (M / W / D) HOUSING 4.8

Theophilus recommends Gagandeep to others  
17 hours ago

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Lorena A. | Alarm Monitoring & Fault Management Level 1 5.0

Lorena recommends Rinki to others  
4 days ago

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PARVEZ A. | Production Manager, Printing 5.0

PARVEZ recommends Maseera to others  
4 days ago

Well, she is very friendly, very professional and informative. She guide me how to represent my skills in the best way to the client.She is very quick to response.

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Miyo M. | Machining Specialist 5.0

Miyo recommends Maseera to others  
9 hours ago

Thanks for your patience.

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Jorge V. | General Manager 2.6

4 days ago

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Klaus-Heinrich M. | Head of Quality-2019 3.6

1 day ago

I think Akshata need to be trained more in the field of pharmaceuticals. May be and caused by the fact that she is pretty young that would help her to understand Quality requirements.

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Gurinder K. | Systems Administrator - Cloud 4.0

Gurinder recommends Adnan to others  
1 day ago

Adnan is highly professional and has high potential and capabilities.

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Aly H. | Credit Analyst Sr. 1.4

4 days ago

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