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Quynhlynn Nguyen

Recruiter at GIFTED Healthcare
4.8 (109 reviews)

92% of reviewers highly recommend Quynhlynn.






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About Me

I am originally from Larose, Louisiana. I recently moved to New Orleans, Louisiana over a year ago, and I absolutely adore living in the city! There is always something new to do or a new restaurant to try! I truly enjoy being able to help my nurses find amazing assignments all over the nation, reach their financial goals, and give them the opportunity to make new memories!

Why I love recruiting...

My favorite part about my job is being able to be someone my nurses can rely on throughout their nursing careers. It is so rewarding to be a part of someone’s life and to help them excel in their careers. I have the joy of helping them find their ideal assignments, giving them the opportunity to explore new states, earn great money, and hear all about their journeys as they travel!

When I'm not working, I love to...

Try new restaurants, visit coffee shops, walk in the park, go to the gym, have game nights with my friends, and plan new adventures!

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Phone: 504-656-4861


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Recent Reviews

Jada P. | Candidate 5.0

Jada recommends Quynhlynn to others  
1 day ago

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Maria J. | Travel RN 5.0

Maria recommends Quynhlynn to others  
3 weeks ago

Q was great from the moment she contacted me there was no lack she understands the business and I hope she and I have a long prosperous relationship.

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Ngoc M. | Candidate 5.0

Ngoc recommends Quynhlynn to others  
1 month ago

Quynhlynn is an amazing person and super helpful recruiter. She is very responsive with every concern I have, provides me the information I need, always make sure I have my paycheck correctly and on time. One of my travel nurse I know also contracted with Gifted but didnt have a very good experience with them. However, I had great experienced with Gifted through Quynhlynn. Her cheerful personality makes people feel comfortable when talking to her. I highly recommend Quynhlynn.

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Johanna M. | Candidate 5.0

Johanna recommends Quynhlynn to others  
1 month ago

Quynhlynn has made my traveling experience nothing less than amazing! She always checks in on me and always has my best interest at heart. By far the best recruiter Gifted has!

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Emily G. | RN 5.0

Emily recommends Quynhlynn to others  
2 months ago

This experience has been a breeze thanks to Quynlynn. I am a first- time traveler and it was made simple and every detail was broken down for my knowledge. I’m grateful for this experience and all of Quynlynn’s help!

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Jennifer M. | Candidate 1.8

2 months ago

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Cherryl H. | Candidate 5.0

Cherryl recommends Quynhlynn to others  
1 month ago

My experience with Quynhlynn as recruiter was simply one of the best in my travel experiences. She is professional, personable, knowledgeable, caring and kind. If not for her this particular journey with Gifted would have been the worst ever! She is definitely an asset to your organization. If I were to recommend an agency or refer a friend or colleague I would refer her.

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Merinda J. | Candidate 5.0

Merinda recommends Quynhlynn to others  
2 months ago

Quynhlynn has always been quick to answer any concerns and questions I might have about any jobs I am interested in. She’s quick to give me feedback and listens intently to my wants and questions concerning jobs. She’s the best!

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Randall S. | Candidate 5.0

Randall recommends Quynhlynn to others  
1 month ago

Quynhlnn has always been kind and professional. She is often a level head when needed. She gives me time to think things through and that is much appreciated.

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