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About Me

Recruiting since: 2016

I have been working for Fusion for almost 3 years and absolutely love what I do. I like to work with honest, loyal and transparent medical professionals and you can expect the same in return from me. If you want a recruiter who is always available and urgent, I'm your girl:)

Why I love recruiting...

I love connecting with medical professionals and finding them the perfect job. It's exciting to hear about their adventures and cool places they travel to.

When I'm not working, I love to...

Travel with my husband and spend time with friends and family.

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Phone: 402-991-6035 ext 236


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Specialties I recruit for: medical

Roles I recruit for: Registered Nurse

Areas I recruit In: United States

Recent Reviews

Shanda W. | No job title 5.0

Shanda recommends Aubrey to others  
1 week ago

Aubrey responds right away every time. She even helped immensely during this stressful coronavirus time; especially when I know everyone else is bombarding her too. Thanks Aubrey!!

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Anna D. | No job title 5.0

Anna recommends Aubrey to others  
2 weeks ago

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Emily H. | No job title 5.0

Emily recommends Aubrey to others  
1 month ago

Aubrey has been amazing! I continue to get contacted by other companies and it just doesn’t feel the same. Aubrey is always looking out for me

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Regina C. | No job title 4.4

Regina recommends Aubrey to others  
1 month ago

Aubrey made 1st contact right away. Kept my expectations realistic and concise. She is always accessible and has shown that she has my best interest at heart.

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Amy B. | No job title 5.0

Amy recommends Aubrey to others  
1 month ago

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Margie G. | No job title 5.0

Margie recommends Aubrey to others  
1 month ago

Aubrey is very informative and is helping me maneuver the whole travel experience!

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Deschaine R. | No job title 5.0

Deschaine recommends Aubrey to others  
2 months ago

I’ve been under the care of Aubrey for almost 3 yrs now & there’s multiple reasons why I love working with her. Not only do I appreciate Fusion as a company whole, but it’s even better when you have an awesome agent working on your behalf. I greatly appreciate how transparent & honest she is with me... Being a traveler for 7 yrs & having worked with multiple companies, Aubrey tops any other agent I’ve ever worked for. I recommend her to any person who approaches me about travel work because I’m confident that they’ll be in great hands. Love her!

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Rahkeisha B. | No job title 5.0

Rahkeisha recommends Aubrey to others  
4 weeks ago

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Belinda O. | No job title 5.0

Belinda recommends Aubrey to others  
2 weeks ago

Aubrey is very efficient and very quick to respond. She seems very knowledgeable about the nursing travel industry. She is very friendly and the same time extremely professional. She doesn’t beat about the bush. She’s been very consistent and followed up with me for nearly a year to get me to the right place, that will work for me. It’s been great talking to her and can’t wait to be recruited by her.

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