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DARINEIKA W. | No job title 4.8

DARINEIKA recommends Meg to others  
2 days ago

Meg meets all my expectations in her role as a account manager. She maintains a sense of detail and a positive attitude. I am very grateful to have the best manager ever.

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Rachael F. | No job title 5.0

Rachael recommends Meg to others  
5 days ago

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Cherise T. | No job title 5.0

Cherise recommends Meg to others  
1 week ago

So far she has been the best experience I have ever had with a recruiter. This is the first time in the 5 years of traveling I'm actually thinking about sticking with a recruiter

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Peter R. | Medical Laboratory Technician 5.0

Peter recommends Meg to others  
1 month ago

I've worked with Meg for the last year and a half of traveling as a MLT. When i got on my first ever assignment across the country she comprehensively eased me into the process. There's never been a moment where Meg hasn't answered my question even if further research into the topic inquired about was required. All matters raised to Meg get solved in depth and I would recommend her to any first time or experienced traveler. I believe her greatest strength is her attention to detail via her genuine interest in all clients. Things that I request out of assignments are kept in mind & i am almost never asked to remind her of my travel preferences. I'm not sure if she keeps these things written down in a dossier of sorts, which would be an amazing way to work but if she doesn't, man does she have a photographic memory. Thank you for making my travel experiences superb. Peter Rodriguez MLT(ASCP)

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Maichee V. | No job title 5.0

Maichee recommends Meg to others  
1 month ago

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Lisa F. | No job title 5.0

Lisa recommends Meg to others  
2 months ago

Meg is a great person and when I tell them about Fusion Meg is the one I tell them to go to.

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Alejandro C. | No job title 5.0

Alejandro recommends Meg to others  
2 months ago

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Madeline W. | No job title 5.0

Madeline recommends Meg to others  
2 months ago

Meg Farley is very knowledgeable about her job. She extends here deepest interest at all times. May she continue to be a future vision of Fusion.

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Kimberly M. | No job title 4.0

1 week ago

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Paul Y. | No job title 4.6

Paul recommends Meg to others  
2 months ago

Meg is my go to at Fusion. She helped me out of a nightmare assignment in which the company was profoundly incompetent and nothing more than a bunch of amateurs drowning in CAP violations. She listened and was an integral part in the investigation that ensued after I submitted my report. Additionally, she works hard to get me that perfect assignment. It is a little tougher being that I am a Microbiology specialist and not a generalist. She is swift with the finalization of contracts and gets it done. If I had to pick one point for improvement, I would be hard pressed to come up with one. She is good at her job and hopefully, she will find me a new assignment soon. Good recruiting/handling equates to happy employees and loyal ones as well. Her capabilities are the main reason I have not looked elsewhere for work.

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